Fort McMurray flooding claims one life as leaders call for local investment

The Mayor of Fort McMurray told media on Wednesday that one person has died due to the flooding in the area.

Sam Edwards

Fort McMurray flooding comes close to area's only hospital

A picture was posted to Facebook showing the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre sitting just out of reach of the flooding.

Sam Edwards

Fort McMurray residents forced to evacuate due to flooding

Fort McMurray has been experiencing critical overland flooding Sunday night and by Monday morning it resulted in mandatory evacuation orders.

Quinn Patrick

Quebec will not provide shelters to flood victims, due to coronavirus

Quebec is warning its residents that they will not be able to provide emergency spring flooding shelters due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Nico Johnson

Canada’s national archives hit by ‘major flood’, despite denials from staff

Canada’s national archives was hit by a “major flood” that damaged much of the collection containing priceless records and books.

Nico Johnson

Mass floods displace three million in India

Mumbai recorded its highest rainfall in 14 years. Cars have submerged underwater and life has come to a standstill.

Siddak Ahuja

Torrential rain wreaks havoc on Toronto streets

Rainy days aren’t fun when they go this way. Hard torrential rains have caused flooding across the Greater Toronto Area, forcing the TTC to close at least one subway station.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz