Bloomberg pays over $16 million so felons can vote

It is estimated that these funds will allow approximately 32,000 felons to vote, potentially in the upcoming November presidential elections.

James Anthony

Florida governor vows to defund cities that try to defund the police

Florida governor Ron DeSantis is fighting back against rioters, and local authorities who are soft on them with some very tough new measures, designed to penalize anybody or any entity that participates in or enables any violent demonstration.

James Anthony

Florida teacher watches as student’s mother killed during Zoom class

It was the first day of school for a Florida girl yesterday, and she was participating in a class on Zoom at 8:00 a.m. when her mother was suddenly shot and killed.

James Anthony

Florida man accused of spending $318K in COVID relief funds on new Lamborghini

A Florida man has been charged with multiple offences, including fraud, after he was alleged to have bought luxury items including a Lamborghini with relief funds for the coronavirus.

Terry Newman

Florida labs inflating positive Covid case count

The Florida State Health Department reported that a number of labs have not accurately recorded test results, and have been inflating the positivity rates.

Collin Jones

Florida man drives van into occupied Catholic church and sets it on fire

Steven Shields, 24, allegedly drove a van through the doors of Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Ocala, Florida, poured gasoline in the church, and lit it ablaze while parishioners were inside preparing for Mass.

Collin Jones

Florida police department to hire social workers for non-violent 911 calls

The St. Petersburg Police Department in Florida announced Thursday that it will hire social workers to field non-violent 911 calls. It will be the first US city to replace police officers with unarmed social workers following anti-police protests by Black Lives Matter.

Collin Jones

Florida sheriff: 'I'll make special deputies of every lawful gun owner in this county' amid protests

Sheriff Daniels said he will “make special deputies of every lawful gun owner” in Clay County so they may join law enforcement in defending property and handling protests that may turn violent.

Mia Cathell

Cuomo and other governors blame Trump for their own deadly nursing home failures

Governors that have engaged in lockdowns and enforced quarantines and business closures for all of their residents have sorely neglected their nursing home populations.

Libby Emmons

Polyamorous man lauded by progressive media charged with violent abuse of five-week-old baby

A five week old baby was hospitalized in Florida recently after she was violently abused by one of her four fathers in a polyamorous relationship.

Libby Emmons

Florida man leaves $10k tip as restaurants close due to coronavirus

One man in Naples, Florida did what he could to change that by leaving a $10,000 tip after his meal in Skillets restaurant, where he is a regular.

Quinn Patrick

Democrat and CNN contributor found in Miami Beach hotel with meth

Andrew Gillum, former gubernatorial candidate of Florida, was involved in a criminal incident involving crystal meth last night, according to documents.

Libby Emmons

Men arrested for carrying drugs in bag labelled ‘BAG FULL OF DRUGS’

What would have just likely been a fine escalated after the troopers noticed that there was a bag inside the car labelled “Bag Full of Drugs”

Quinn Patrick

Arrest made in death of Canadian military member killed in Florida

Master-Cpl. Martin Brayman died on September 9 after injuries he experienced the night before, according to a statement from The Department of National Defence.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz