Ford Governemnt

Ford says Canada-US border must be closed for potential second wave

Ontario Premier Doug Ford spoke at a news conference on Thursday and said he wants to see the U.S.-Canada border remain closed for non-essential purposes.

Quinn Patrick

The 'revolving door' between Ontario's PCs and the for-profit seniors care industry worst hit by coronavirus

Conservative politicians and insiders routinely turn from the party and government payroll to cashing in on for-profit long-term care. Likewise, the for-profit lobby has given at least $340,477 in political donations to the Ontario PCs since 2007.

Samuel Helguero

Ford announces phase one of economic reopening plan to begin Thursday

Ford said "more good news" was coming on Thursday, regarding getting people back to work and "slowly getting back to normal."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Ford government extends pandemic pay to more frontline workers

Paramedics will now be among those who will receive temporary "pandemic pay" along with a number of different front-line workers, according to CTV News.

Quinn Patrick

Ford government launches new homeschooling program amid coronavirus pandemic

A program to help students who are quarantined during the coronavirus pandemic will be launched in Ontario by the Ford government, called "Learn at Home."

Quinn Patrick

LCBO and cannabis stores to remain open through coronavirus pandemic

The government of Ontario has called for a state of emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Beer Store, LCBO and cannabis stores will stay open.

Quinn Patrick

Ontario French and Catholic school boards to join strike despite recent concessions

Ontario teachers in the French and English Catholic school systems say they’re planning a walk out from all schools in their respective boards.

Quinn Patrick

Ontario’s new licence plates will be scrapped

Ontario’s new licence plates are now defective and the provincial government will cease production of them due to their legibility.

Quinn Patrick

MILLIONS of Ontario kids out of the classroom as public teachers strike

Ontario’s first ever provincewide public school teachers’ strikes began Friday, leaving two million studnets out of the classrooms.

Quinn Patrick