Foreign Aid

Canada to provide Lebanon with $5 million in humanitarian aid following deadly explosions

Canada is set to provide Lebanon with $5 million following the two explosions that took place in Beirut on Tuesday.

Sam Edwards

The UN and WHO are in desperate need of fiscal transparency

The UN, WHO, and its various arms should not be immune from scrutiny when they call on governments to donate vital resources.

Becca Wertman

Scheer demands Trudeau government pull $41 million in aid from China

Canada sent $41 million in foreign aid to the authoritarian regime of China. $3.4 million of that was sent in direct grants.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Liberals refuse to say how much foreign aid we’re giving to China

In 2018, Canadians lavished China with $9.2 million despite the country having a $13 trillion economy. Part of the funding was for “multilateral programs” and “bilateral assistance” for diversity and female empowerment.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

WATCH: Justin Trudeau resorts to completely ignoring reporter’s questions

In a video clip shared online, Justin Trudeau can be seen completely ignoring a journalist’s question when asked about foreign aid spending and UN commitments.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

Conservatives propose 25 percent slash to foreign aid spending

Conservatives saying those who would be cut from the list of countries Canada aids would be “middle- and upper-income countries as well as hostile regimes.” Those who fall into this category have a Human Development Index above 0.6, including Argentina, China, and Barbados.

Dylan Gibbons