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BREAKING: James Murdoch leaves News Corp over disagreements regarding 'editorial content'

James Murdoch, brother of Fox News head Lachlan Murdoch, is leaving the network, citing disagreements over editorial content.

Barrett Wilson

Antifa stalks Marine vet who proudly waved American flag during Portland riot

Retired Marine Gabriel Johnson, 48, decided to respond to the demonstrators and rioters who have occupied the streets of Portland, Oregon for nearly two months by marching through the chaos with an American flag in tow.

Collin Jones

US Rep. Ted Yoho to introduce legislation that would permit military force if China invades Taiwan

Rep. Ted Yoho stated that he will be introducing a piece of legislation called the Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act that would permit the US to deploy military force if China decides to invade Taiwan.

Collin Jones

Thomas Sowell says that 'systemic racism' has no meaning

Thomas Sowell, economist and author, said on Fox News Sunday evening that 'systemic racism' has no meaning and is unable to be tested in any empirical way.

Collin Jones

WATCH: TPM Senior Editor Libby Emmons talks to Tucker Carlson about social justice indoctrination in New York schools

Libby Emmons, senior editor for The Post Millennial, appeared on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show on Friday evening to discuss racism within the New York City school system.

Collin Jones

Trump responds to BLM threat to 'burn down the system' if their demands aren’t met

Black Lives Matter leader, Hawk Newsome told Fox News that BLM wants "black liberation and black sovereignty, by any means necessary." Trump called him out for treason.

Sam Edwards

Seattle news crew assaulted within occupied zone—yet Fox News reporter calls the area 'peaceful'

Fox News reporter Jonathan Hunt reported from the CHAZ on Monday, saying the area was peaceful despite a recent video being released that shows a news crew from Fox's Seattle affiliate getting harassed and assaulted.

Collin Jones

WATCH: Andy Ngo explains the anarchy in Seattle's 'autonomous zone' on Fox News

The Post Millennial's editor-at-large Andy Ngo joined Martha MacCallum Fox for her show "The Story" on Thursday night to discuss the events unfolding in Seattle this week.

Libby Emmons

Protester threatens to burn down Jewish 'Diamond District' in NYC unless demands are met

A protest leader partaking in the Black Lives Matter protests over the death of George Floyd threatened to burn down the Diamond District in New York City.

Ian Miles Cheong

'Hot mic' video of NYT journalist at the White House saying 'We’ve all been vaccinated around here' goes viral

A "hot mic" video showing Fox News’ John Roberts and New York Times photographer Doug Mills talking about the coronavirus pandemic in the White House briefing room has gone viral online.

Barrett Wilson

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld threatens to sue Media Matters

MMFA and its allies at BuzzFeed and Vox have all been instrumental in downplaying the spread of the coronavirus as nothing more than a hoax driven by “Sinophobic” sentiments. Their day of reckoning is overdue.

Ian Miles Cheong

Trump wants the US 'opened up and raring to go' by Easter

On Tuesday, President Trump said he wants the country to be back to usual business by Easter, though the coronavirus outbreak is continuing to grow.

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