Free Speech

Noted authors demand end to censorship and cancel culture

The letter was signed by Noam Chomsky, Margaret Atwood, JK Rowling, Salman Rushdie, Malcolm Gladwell, Jonathan Haidt, and dozens more writers, journalists and academics.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

To work at Twitter you have to subscribe to gender ideology

This debate over pronouns, demonstrated by the Twitter job application, is often dismissed among progressives as just semantics. It isn't.

Nicole Russell Nicole Russell

Facebook removes 'violent' groups amid boycott from corporate interests—Antifa groups remain

Facebook has banned of hundreds of accounts across its platform including accounts of groups considered violent; however, domestic terrorist Antifa accounts remain.

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons

Notley attacks Bunner's speech as 'illegal' simply because she disagrees with him

It’s one thing when the majority of people agree with a particular belief or opinion. It’s quite another when the government renders disagreement "illegal".

John Carpay John Carpay

Conservatives must fight Twitter censorship or risk losing their voice

Twitter is not just a platform to express personal ideas, it is very literally access to the public square and political conversation.

Chad Felix Greene Chad Felix Greene

Ricky Gervais is the heretic we need right now

Gervais, from modest middle-class background, is now a millionaire. He is expected to adopt the beliefs of his current class, not hold to his previous ones. He won't.

Sumantra Maitra Sumantra Maitra

Parents of toddlers featured in popular Trump meme plan to sue its creator, Carpe Donktum

The parents of two toddlers featured in a widely popular meme in support of President Trump plan to sue the meme-maker, Carpe Donktum, after the meme was censored by both Facebook and Twitter.

Barrett Wilson Barrett Wilson

Now Twitter is censoring an event that promotes open dialogue between the left and right

Milwaukee-based organizers Mythinformed are the latest victims of Big Tech censorship, as promotional tweets for an upcoming conference have been censored by Twitter.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Campus mob targets Cornell Law professor who criticized Black Lives Matter

Cornell Law School Professor William A. Jacobson faces widespread denunciation, calls for his termination, and a student boycott of his classes.

Brad Polumbo Brad Polumbo

Michigan man misidentified and smeared by left-wing activists

A Michigan activist who took part in protests at the Capitol building has been smeared and labelled "racist" by left-wing media and activists.

Collin Jones Collin Jones

Trudeau is exploiting the coronavirus crisis to silence free speech

Violating the sanctity of free speech unleashes a host of new possibilities for bad actors in government and threatens our ability to write articles like this one criticizing their actions.

Warren Steinley Warren Steinley

Universities leverage social media to silence students' critical comments

When students are not allowed to speak their mind about their school the institution quickly devolves into a propagandist racket.

Collin Jones Collin Jones

BREAKING: Protestors descend on Ontario legislature to demonstrate against shutdown

On Saturday afternoon, protestors gathered at Queen's Park in Toronto to express their frustration with what they see as overly restrictive coronavirus shutdown measures by the government.

Beth Baisch and Barrett Wilson Beth Baisch and Barrett Wilson

Radical trans rights activists threaten journalist for writing Animal Crossing article

Trans rights activists took aim at a small gaming publication last week after one of their writers published an article on the popular game Animal Crossing.

Anna Slatz Anna Slatz

INTERVIEW: Mindy Robinson, Nevada congressional candidate

Mindy Robinson is running for Congress of Nevada’s District 3 in the Republican primary slated for June in what has turned into perhaps the strangest election year of our lifetime.

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons