Gas Prices

Gas prices may drop to 81 cents a litre later this week

Gas prices may drop as low as 81 cents this week. The price of gas continues its downward trend with stations in Ottawa seeing a drop to 90 cents pre litre

Quinn Patrick

Gas prices expected to spike amid pipeline protests

Analysts are suggesting that the anti-pipeline protests that have blockaded railways, roads and certain ports are likely to result in a spike in gas prices.

Quinn Patrick

Alberta: unpaid taxes from oil and gas leaving municipalities unsettled

Albertan oil and gas companies owe the province’s rural municipalities unpaid property tax, and the amount has doubled since the beginning of last year.

Quinn Patrick

Albertans brace for higher gas prices as carbon tax takes effect Jan. 1

Prominent gas expert and former Liberal MP Dan McTeague predicts Albertan’s will pay seven cents more a litre for gas, and everything will cost more.

Jason Unrau

As gas prices soar, CBC claims carbon tax may save Albertans money

A CBC article states that on Jan. 1, the new federal carbon tax will be imposed on Alberta, but then goes on to say that it might be “good news.”

Barrett Wilson