Gavin Newsom

California says to put your mask on between bites—and to minimize taking off your mask while dining

The California governor's office has just issued a tweet that has everyone who reads it scratching their heads in confusion.

James Anthony

California installs diversity quotas for publicly traded companies

California Governor Gavin Newsom has recently signed a piece of legislation forcing publicly traded companies based in the state to have at least one "racially, ethnically or otherwise diverse" director by 2021.

Collin Jones

California to make plans for giving reparations to African Americans

"This is not just about California, this is about making an impact, and a dent, across the rest of the country," Newsom said moments after signing the bill.

Ari Hoffman

Gov. Newsom signs bill allowing male inmates who identify as 'women' to be housed in women's prisons in California

California now allows for men to "opt-in" to women's prisons, removed protections protecting minors from sexual predators, and has opened the door to funding medical transition for minors.

Libby Emmons

California to ban sales of gas powered cars by 2035

The announcement left many wondering how a state with mandated rolling blackouts and an aging power grid will be able to keep up with the additional power requirements.

Ari Hoffman

California governor cracks down on 'climate crisis' while easing restrictions on pedophilia

Newsom signed a bill effectively reducing penalties for those who commit sexual offenses with minors. This comes as he has blamed climate crisis for wildfires, saying that it is not an ideology but a reality.

Collin Jones

California bill that could sterilize children using tax funds awaits governor's signature

If Gov. Gavin Newsom signs the Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund into law, it would legislate taxpayer funding of sterilization procedures for children.

Nicole Russell

California governor vowed to slash his pay alongside state employees, still paid in full

After asking state workers to reduce their wages in May, California Gov. Gavin Newsom continued to collect his full monthly salary of nearly $20,000 despite promising to take a pay cut in solidarity.

Mia Cathell

LA closes back down, no school in fall

Governor Gavin Newsom announced that 30 counties, including many in southern California, must close a number of its facilities.

Sam Edwards