Gay Rights

The 'bathroom issue' isn't about feelings it's about safety—whether the progressive left admits it or not

The school board did not arbitrarily define "biological sex," the progressive movement has just chosen when to arbitrarily recognize it.

Chad Felix Greene

Lawmakers push back against medical transition of minors

The proposed laws would prevent medics from pursing the ideologically-motivated, dangerous cash cow that is pediatric transitioning.

Erin Perse

EXCLUSIVE: Brandon Straka speaks out after enduring homophobic attack from BLM activists

Brandon Straka and Mike Harlow were walking away from the RNC last night when they were insulted with homophobic slurs and then physically assaulted by BLM activists.

Libby Emmons

JK Rowling is right—turning gay children into straight members of the opposite sex is conversion therapy

Arguing that gender nonconforming behavior in gay people means they are the other sex and require a complete change of their physical body in order to be “cured” is conversion therapy.

Chad Felix Greene

Mayor of Amaranth, Ontario refuses to fly LGBT flag, petition launched for his resignation

The mayor of Amaranth, Ontario, has refused to fly a pride flag which has led to a petition being launched to have him resign, according to Metro Weekly.

Quinn Patrick

New poll results undermine narrative that conservatives are anti-gay

The idea of near-majority support for gay marriage among Republicans would have been unthinkable as recently as 2010, but it is now the reality per a new poll.

Brad Polumbo

The left is baffled at why so many gay people support Trump

Pro-Trump LGBT do not base their support on how the progressive left defines “pro-LGBT." Many view the left's accusations as intentionally misleading.

Chad Felix Greene