Notorious Antifa activist tries to dox Trump boat parade participants on Twitter

A militant Antifa doxxer is soliciting the public for identifying information of those who participated in the peaceful "Trump Boat Parades" that took place across several US states over the weekend.

Mia Cathell

German city to install controversial Vladimir Lenin statue

Over three decades after the end of communism in the eastern bloc, the western German city of Gelsenkirchen unveiled a controversial new monument in honor of the Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin on Saturday.

Collin Jones

Antifa protests against ending the lockdown in Germany

Police deployed water cannons on Saturday in an effort to break up an antifa demonstration that was disrupting an anti-lockdown rally in Hamburg, Germany.

Collin Jones

Democracies are using mass surveillance to track citizens during coronavirus outbreak

Smart watch apps and smart thermometers are being employed as voluntary measures for citizens to track their health and submit the data to government authorities.

Collin Jones

Mass shooter in Berlin believed to be far-right extremist

Nine people were shot and killed in Germany on Wednesday after a gunman opened fire at two separate shisha barsm police have since identified the gunman.

Quinn Patrick