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Trudeau government awards Quebec company with no Canadian factories 10-year $133 MILLION PPE deal

A Quebec company has landed a $133,486,868 sole-sourced federal deal to manufacture pandemic masks despite not having a factory in Canada

Sam Edwards

Trudeau government lawyers cost taxpayers $222 MILLION

Despite losing nearly a third of all lawsuits, a newly released audit into the Department of Justice found that government lawyers cost tax payers a whopping $222 million.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trudeau government short billions of face masks

As Canada’s economy begins to reopen, the country is short about three billion face masks, according to a federal contractor.

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Half of Canadians feel their government is withholding coronavirus information

A recent survey suggests that 50 percent of Canadians feel their governments are withholding information about coronavirus.

Sam Edwards

Over 800,000 restaurant staff have been laid off due to coronavirus

Over the space of a few weeks, 800 thousand restaurant staff have been laid off due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Nico Johnson

Trudeau considers making $2,000 coronavirus allowance tax free

Trudeau's government is considering making the $2,000 allowance granted to all Canadians who are struggling as a result of coronavirus entirely non taxable

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Petition against Liberal gun ban closes and makes Canadian history

Bill Blair’s office did not respond to request for comment on the biggest petition in Canadian history that’s against the Liberal gun ban.

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WASTE: $1 BILLION Trudeau government grant created ‘zero’ jobs

An internal document at the Department of Industry said “zero” jobs were found to be created by a $1 billion subsidy, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

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Trudeau won’t intervene in protesters blocking highways and railways

Justin Trudeau has refused to say that he will intervene in the #ShutDownCanada protests, which have crippled major parts of Canada’s transportation routes.

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Liberal Transport Minister says he is ‘very concerned’ by train blockades

Liberal Transport Minister is “very concerned” by the anti-pipeline protestors who have blocked the tracks between Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal.

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Trudeau government spends $130,000 in taxpayer cash trying to ban journalists

The Trudeau government spent more than $130,000 through their attempt to ban the publications Rebel News and True North Centre from federal election debates

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Trudeau government still butchering civil servant payment system file

The Conservative Party of Canada has scolded the Trudeau Liberals over the government’s shoddy Phoenix pay system during today’s prime minister’s questions in Ottawa.

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Canada’s national archives hit by ‘major flood’, despite denials from staff

Canada’s national archives was hit by a “major flood” that damaged much of the collection containing priceless records and books.

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Bell Let’s Talk partners up to end stigma around mental health

Bell Let’s Talk is teaming up with the Northwestel and government of the NWT on a $500,000 collaboration to support the Strongest Families Institute.

Quinn Patrick

400 billion gallons of raw sewage was dumped into Canadian water

Canadian municipalities are dumping some 400 billion gallons of raw sewage. Quebec is the worst offender.

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