Gun Control

St. Louis prosecutor allegedly ordered crime lab to tamper with evidence in McCloskey case

The gun in question is the property of Patricia McCloskey, who, together with her husband Mark McCloskey, are facing charges for unlawful use of a weapon.

James Anthony

Former law enforcement officer SLAMS Trudeau government for unfair gun ban

The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) released an open letter on Thursday written by a police officer concerning the recent gun ban.

Sam Edwards

WATCH: Trudeau minister doesn't know difference between a grenade launcher and a historic cannon

Video has emerged of Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair confusing a grenade launcher and a historic cannon placed in Stanley Park in Vancouver.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Petition against Trudeau government's firearm ban becomes biggest in Canadian history

An online petition against the Order in Council decision which banned over 1,500 firearms has now become the most signed official petition in Canadian history.

Sam Edwards

Criminals are loving Justin Trudeau’s gun grab

The federal government is now going to expend gigantic amounts of money, time, and political capital to take guns away from Canadians who follow the law.

Spencer Fernando

Doug Ford: 'Gang bangers' are the problem, not law-abiding gun owners

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has come out swinging against the Trudeau government's controversial gun ban and buyback plan. Ford claims 'gang bangers' are the real problem.

Barrett Wilson

GUN GRAB: Trudeau government lets criminals out of jail while criminalizing law-abiding Canadians

The Trudeau government has instituted a sweeping gun ban which will result in the criminalization of many law-abiding Canadian gun owners.

Barrett Wilson

BREAKING: Jason Kenney considers Alberta's own chief firearms officer to replace Trudeau's

Jason Kenney is clearly not a fan of Prime Minister Trudeau's new ban of 1,500 firearms. In response, he is considering appointing Alberta's own chief firearms officer to replace Trudeau's.

Barrett Wilson

Five myths about firearms promoted by the Trudeau government

The Trudeau government has passed a government order that bans a whole series of firearms that are currently legal in Canada without bringing it to parliament or having a debate on the issue.

Collin Jones

Trudeau government to target legal firearms

Firearms and weapons that have been involved in mass shootings are set to be banned by Ottawa.

Quinn Patrick

Nova Scotians left in the dark while Americans were alerted to active shooter

US Consulate in Halifax has confirmed the CTV News' assertion that US citizens in Nova Scotia were alerted to the shooter's activities via email.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Bill Blair’s office says Liberals ‘will not target guns designed for hunting’

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair’s office gave The Post Millennial new information on the gun ban that’s being fast-tracked without routine consultation.

Sam Edwards

Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant mocks Liberal minister over gun ban

Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant called Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair the “Gun Confiscation Minister”.

Nico Johnson

Trudeau’s cabinet FORCING through gun laws as quickly as possible

Trudeau’s cabinet is pushing through anti-gun legislation as quickly as possible without proper consultation with experts and the public.

Nico Johnson

Did an anti-gun activist stage a ‘death threat’ for Twitter?

On Saturday, anti-gun activist Joseph Sakran posted to his Twitter alleging he had received a menacing “death threat” for his activism.

Anna Slatz