Over 11,000 EI and tax filer records successfully targeted by hackers, new security measures to be implemented

After 11,200 accounts were successfully targeted by hackers, Federal IT specialists are promising to implement new security measures.

Sam Edwards

Twitter hackers commandeered at least 130 accounts in Bitcoin scam

The Twitter hack that took place early in the week was orchestrated by a group of young hackers who managed to commandeer 130 accounts to enact a Bitcoin scam, earning $121,000 from over 400 accounts, according to NBC News.

Collin Jones

Lawsuit alleges $100 million payday for ex-CIA hackers who targeted Americans for Qatar

The lawsuit claims that the Muslim Brotherhood-promoting Gulf emirate of Qatar sought out American intelligence operatives to surveil, hack and intimidate influential Qatari critics.

Shireen Qudosi

BlackBerry exposes Chinese-based hacker tools that exploited tech vulnerabilities

A new report reveals that there are five separate groups of hackers each of which has close ties to the Chinese government that have been stealing from nations around the world.

Collin Jones