Halifax Regional Police search for missing five-year-old girl near Kearney Lake

Halifax Police cannot confirm whether or not the girl is in the water at this time but they are on the scene along with Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency.

Quinn Patrick

How a small Nova Scotia lab is providing Tesla with battery research

Dalhousie University experts in Halifax, Nova Scotia are providing Tesla with top battery research and development.

Sam Edwards

Halifax police seek witnesses after reports of man impersonating an officer in park

Police received information of a man in Clayton Park wearing a black hat that read “RCMP-POLICE-GRC” at about 1 p.m. on Sunday.

Sam Edwards

Halifax: WestJet announces new direct flight to Manchester

WestJet is offering a new direct flight from Halifax to Manchester, a great way to get to the north of England.

Quinn Patrick

Halifax police change procedures after off-duty officer charged with careless use of a firearm

At a press conference, Dan Kinsella told reporters that Halifax Regional Police officers will no longer be allowed to bring their service weapons home with them or carry them while not on duty.

Dylan Gibbons

WATCH: Climate change protest blocks traffic in Toronto, Edmonton, and other Canadian cities

The bustling streets of Toronto are moving a bit slower this morning as environmental group Extinction Rebellion makes themselves known.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

High-risk sex offender released in Halifax — police issue warning

Halifax Regional Police has issued a warning regarding the release of 46-year-old Jamie Alan Goreham, who police say is a convicted, high-risk sex offender.

Dylan Gibbons

Halifax Pride forced to pull promotional material after “facekini” panic

This month’s Halifax Pride was pressured to apologize for a photo which appeared in both their online promotional material and the July 18th-28th 2019 Pride schedule of events booklet.

Terry Newman