Health Canada

Trudeau government gives go-ahead to new, less accurate 'rapid tests'

The test, Hajdu says, is easier to perform, less invasive, and is easier to perform "with limited training."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Ontario toddler dies in her sleep after doctors refuse to perform tests and tell parents she only had the flu

The mother of a two-year-old girl who passed away in her sleep three days after doctors said she had the flu says the healthcare system failed her.

Collin Jones

Health Canada's COVID-19 contact tracing app launches Friday

The COVID-19 contact tracing app by Health Canada has now launched following an Ontario-wide test run that was delayed earlier this month.

Sam Edwards

Canada's nurses need to be heard on care concerns amplified by coronavirus

COVID-19 has left us all afraid of impending equipment and bed shortages, but we can have all the supplies we need, but without nurses, there is no care.

Amy Eileen Hamm

Accidental poisonings from disinfectants are up in Canada, here's how to prevent them

Accidental poisonings with home cleaners are increasing in Canada, as more people who take precautions at home by disinfecting surfaces and groceries.

Libby Emmons

Trudeau government censors thousands of coronavirus pandemic records

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's cabinet has concealed thousands of pandemic records. These documents include government contracts and memos by ministers.

Barrett Wilson