It's time to stand up for America despite its flaws

Our leaders, on left and right, are fully prepared to watch us burn. Now is the time to know fully what you believe in and fight for it.

Libby Emmons

'1619 Project' writer claims 'America isn't burning' as America burns

New York Times magazine and 1619 Project writer Nikole Hannah-Jones said that it would be an honor to call the destruction and mayhem across the US the "1619 riots."

Collin Jones

Activists call for city of Kitchener to change its name due to racist history

The debate on changing the name of Kitchener is being revisited after a post by a Facebook user who says that many people are unaware of the name’s history.

Sam Edwards

VIMY RIDGE: Today marks the 103rd anniversary of Canada's greatest military victory

Today is the 103 anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, a battle which is celebrated as Canada's greatest military victory. It took place in Vimy, France.

Quinn Patrick