New York City dumps homeless pedophiles in hotel near elementary school playground

Mayor De Blasio’s New York City placed at least six homeless pedophiles, all of whom were parole for child sex crimes, at a luxury Upper West Side hotel located just one block away from an elementary school playground.

Ian Miles Cheong

Doug Ford asks homeless to stop tenting in Toronto parks

Toronto continues to see homeless encampments pop up throughout the city in public squares and parks as vulnerable people look for spaces to stay safe.

Sam Edwards

Community rallies around homeless man whose possessions were torched by antifa

A homeless man who had his worldly possessions torched by an antifa mob has been given new clothes, a tent and money.

Nico Johnson

BC homeless to get free cell phones to help with social distancing

British Columbia will be providing cell phones with data plans to those homeless and in need so they may better practice social distancing.

Quinn Patrick

Cities are putting the homeless in hotels and giving them free drugs and booze

The question of what to do about homeless populations remains at the forefront of the effectiveness of stay-at-home orders as the debate grows over the relaxing of restrictions.

Ari Hoffman

Windsor Water World opens its doors to homeless during the pandemic

Homeless people in Windsor, Ontario will now have a place to go while the pandemic continues with a new day program offered at Windsor Water World.

Quinn Patrick

Complaints against houseboat may leave Ontario couple homeless

A couple living in a houseboat on a friend's farm in Picton, Ont., may soon be homeless after receiving news that they have to leave from by-law officer.

Quinn Patrick

Boats housing vagabonds another sign of Seattle’s decline

A moored fleet of boats housing homeless is yet another sign of Seattle’s poor leadership leading to disastrous consequences.

Ari Hoffman

Temperatures drop, what should a city do for the homeless?

Canadian cities like Edmonton should leave open public transit stations for the homeless population to sleep in during frigid winter months.

Jon Dziadyk

Help Canadian homeless before helping the world

Canadians need to start looking at how they can help their fellow citizens down on their luck, homeless.

Jonathan Bradley

Toronto still struggling to deal with homeless crisis

The Toronto homeless crisis continues to go on, and there appears to be no real solution being put forth by politicians.

Jonathan Bradley

Journalistic malpractice: CBC omits refugee claimant surge in Toronto homeless crisis stories

The CBC published stories on the Toronto homeless crisis that completely omit the thousands of refugee claimants that added greatly to the shelter demand.

Graeme Gordon

How social justice is making homelessness worse in Seattle

Seattle has a prolific homeless offenders problem—one made worse by a light on crime approach championed by progressive activists in elected office.

Joseph Fang

U.S. city to punish homeless with “Baby Shark” song on loop

The song is a maddening tune with a very simple, yet devastating hook, repeated several times. After this song, another song called “It’s Raining Tacos” is played, which may somehow be more annoying than Baby Shark.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Vancouver reaches highest number of homeless people since they started keeping track

There are 2,223 homeless people on the streets of Vancouver according to the city’s own survey.

Yanky Pollak