Human Trafficking

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3 months ago

Four men identified in Portland child sex trafficking investigation

Jeffrey Nichols, Malik Owens, Isaac Zapata and Josiah Carmona have been named for the first time in relation to an ongoing child sex trafficking investigation in Portland.

Andy Ngo and Mia Cathell
3 months ago

Undercover human trafficking operation results in 6 arrests

“Human trafficking is a destructive crime that diminishes the value of human life,” said Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch.

The Post Millennial
4 months ago

Massive child sex trafficking network with ties to US uncovered, 18 arrested

Australian law enforcement arrested 18 men on 828 charges of child trafficking and sexual abuse Wednesday morning. And the investigation isn't over.

Leonardo Briceno
4 months ago

Twenty-seven missing children found in Virginia

It was announced today by the US Department of Justice that a concerted, multi-agency effort culminated of the location and rescue of 27 missing children.

James Anthony
4 months ago

Child sex trafficking investigation leads to five arrests in Missouri

Five people were caught by police and arrested as suspects in part of a continuing investigation into sex trafficking in Oak Grove, Misso.

James Anthony
4 months ago

Massive human trafficking sting leads to 100 rescued victims, 177 arrests

A total of 50 law enforcement agencies in Ohio teamed up to execute an operation that rescued over 100 human trafficking victims and led to 177 arrests.

Barrett Wilson
4 months ago

WATCH: Joe Rogan asks why the media ignores child sex trafficking

Appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience, a candidate for Congress in Texas's Seventh Congressional District says that Houston has become a hub for child trafficking in the United States.

Noah David Alter
5 months ago

The Trump administration launches anti-sex trafficking initiative to keep kids safe online

The initiative is intended to raise awareness and provide resources to aid parents, educators, and other caregivers in order to learn about the risks that children face online.

Collin Jones
5 months ago

Trump administration teams up with Tim Tebow to announce $100 million to fight human trafficking

Attorney General Bill Barr teamed up with Ivanka Trump and Tim Tebow to announce an additional $100 million for task forces, victim services, and victim housing.

Libby Emmons
5 months ago

35 missing children found by US Marshals in Ohio

US Marshals have found 35 missing children in Ohio after launching "Operation Safety Net," which aims to crack down on kidnappings and missing children cases.

Angelo Isidorou
6 months ago

Toronto man charged with human trafficking, police ask victims to come forward

Sam Park, a 31-year-old from Toronto, has been charged with trafficking in persons and material benefit from trafficking.

Joe Vaughan
6 months ago

Human trafficking investigation in Nova Scotia leads to new arrest and charges

One man is facing charges following a human trafficking investigation Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Two others have received additional charges

Sam Edwards
6 months ago

Kentucky man pleads guilty to child trafficking charges after attempting to sell four-year-old at gas station

A Kentucky man pleaded guilty on Monday to child human trafficking charges and will serve one year after he allegedly attempted to sell a 4-year-old child for $2,500 at a Speedy Mart gas station.

Mia Cathell
7 months ago

WATCH: Protestors gather in Toronto to raise awareness about child sex trafficking

Activists marched outside Toronto City Hall to "Rise Up For Children" and raise awareness about child sex trafficking today on the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.

Mia Cathell and Beth Baisch
8 months ago

Police discovery of 'torture chambers' in sea containers leads to 100s of arrests in underground network

Six men have been arrested by Dutch police following the discovery of several sea containers that had been converted into improvised "torture chambers."

Quinn Patrick

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