Rev. Al Sharpton takes a crack at Trudeau for 21 second pause

While being interviewed by Radio-Canada Rev. Al Sharpton took a wisecrack at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

WATCH: Moose cools off in Ontario man's backyard pool

An Ottawa man woke up to rather Canadian surprise on Friday morning when he came out to his backyard to find a moose cooling off in his swimming pool.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Nurse in coronavirus ward disciplined for wearing nothing under see-through gown

A nurse in Russia has been disciplined for wearing only lingerie beneath her transparent protective gown while working on an all-male coronavirus ward.

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D'OH! Homer Simpson turned 64 years old this week

Homer Simpson's age has finally been revealed, thanks to some mega fans who discovered an image of Homer's driver's license from an old episode.

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WATCH: Ice cream truck owner goes rogue despite lockdown

A recent story put out by CBS News Chicago is hoping to end with the arrest of one ice cream truck driver who is still out selling cold treats.

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WATCH: Proud Canadian shows how to pay for Tim Hortons while maintaining social distance

Well this is the sort of story that we all want to see at a time like this. This Canadian will make you smile even in the social distancing era.

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Beer trucks are replacing ice cream trucks in the coronavirus era

Remember when you were a kid and the ice cream truck came jingling through your neighbourhood? The only thing that could possibly make it better is beer.

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Woman fakes having coronavirus to get out of McDonald's shift, gets arrested

Ever wanted to get out of work so bad that you faked having a virus in the middle of a global pandemic? One McDonald's employee did just that.

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ZELLERS Twitter fan account wants chain re-opened, promises unlimited toilet paper

"You know who would still have toilet paper? Zellers," a viral tweet from the fan account reads.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Survey: Americans spend $44.9 BILLION shopping while drunk

A recent survey conducted by personal finance website Finder revealed that Americans spent $44.9 billion on drunk purchases over the last 12 months.

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WATCH: Dog becomes mayor of small Colorado town

With all the chaos and uncertainty flying around these days, one small town in Colorado decided to take a chance…

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WATCH: Remembering John Candy, 26 years after his death

John Candy died on 26 years ago today but his humour lives on. Born in Newmarket, Ontario in 1950, Candy first got his start in comedy with Second City.

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Man brings a llama as a date to his sister’s wedding

One woman had quite a surprise on her wedding day when her brother brought a llama as a date to her wedding, turned out in a tux for the occasion.

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Who is feminism for? Probably not you.

If you exclude intergalactic space toads from your feminism, can you even call yourself a feminist? Probably not.

Amy Eileen Hamm Amy Eileen Hamm

Eight-year-old BC boy wins $200 in weed at hockey tournament

A young boy playing in a hockey tournament over the weekend won a gift basket full of $200 worth of cannabis products in Dawsone Creek, BC.

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