Ohio department of health bans hydroxychloroquine—then governor steps in to halt ban

The ODH announced on Wednesday that a ruling was issued by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy prohibiting the dispensing or selling of both hydroxychloroquine.

Sam Edwards

CNN reports 'surprising' positive hydroxychloroquine study results after pushing negative stories about drug for months

The team reviewed every patient who was treated in Southeast Michigan's Henry Ford Health System from March 10 to May 2, of this year, and the results showed that the treatment helped.

Libby Emmons

BREAKING: Donald Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine

During a meeting with governors today at The White House today, President Trump disclosed that he is taking hydroxychloroquine in tandem with zinc.

Barrett Wilson

Death blamed on hydroxychloroquine despite lack of evidence

NBC News' Heidi Przybyla reports another story of death due to hydroxychloroquine, but as with her previous deadly tale, the facts don't hold up.

Chad Felix Greene

Study claims hydroxychloroquine is effective for treating coronavirus

French Professor Didier Raoult has published a paper championing the effectiveness of the controversial hydroxychloroquine as treatment against coronavirus.

Quinn Patrick

Media warnings over hydroxychloroquine are about hating Trump, not saving lives

This rhetorical battle over hydroxychloroquine is not about drug efficacy, but about the ongoing Trump Derangement Syndrome that has plagued so many in our mainstream media.

Libby Emmons