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EXCLUSIVE: Children traumatized in Canadian detention centres

For an eight year-old girl with a violent background, 48 hours of detention in Canada was enough to prompt their development of selective mutism.

Samuel Helguero

Trudeau's immigration minister says Canada needs more newcomers following pandemic

Marco Medicino said that the role being played by immigration labour during the pandemic is showing why strong immigration has to continue afterwards.

Sam Edwards

N.B. to ban foreign workers, premier says he 'won't apologize for protecting New Brunswickers'

The government of New Brunswick will now ban any new temporary foreign workers from their province in an attempt to minimize the risk of COVID-19.

Quinn Patrick

Illegal immigration in Canada is near zero

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair noted that illegal border crossings, which have previously peeked at over 5,700 per month, have now dropped to zero.

Sam Edwards

Calgary boy writes letter to immigration minister to stop family’s deportation

A family in Calgary is attempting to avoid deportation from Canada. The family is from Sri Lanka and two of their children were born in Canada.

Sam Edwards

Over 50,000 immigrants ordered deported still living in Canada

Over 50,000 immigrants, many of whom entered Canada illegally, were ordered to leave Canada but still remain in the country.

Nico Johnson

Founder of Peace by Chocolate becomes a Canadian citizen

A Syrian refugee has become a Canadian citizen today and a celebration was held at Halifax’s Pier 21. Tareq Hadhad is the founder of Peace by Chocolate.

Quinn Patrick

New Liberal program allows communities to choose immigrants based on job demands

A new Liberal program allows communities to choose the immigrants they bring in.

Sam Edwards

Number of immigrants who become Canadian citizens dropping

According to a new study by StatsCan, the number of immigrants who become full Canadian citizens has dropped significantly.

Ali Taghva

Conservative Party address Canadian border agency’s decision to cancel outstanding illegal entry warrants

“In limited circumstances, an immigration warrant may be cancelled even if it cannot be confirmed that an individual has left Canada,” said CBSA spokesperson Rebecca Purdy.

Dylan Gibbons

U.S. claim British family entered country illegally on purpose

The family entered into the U.S. state of Washington from British Columbia through a ditch. Despite this, the family claimed that this act was entirely unintentional; only wishing to take a “brief detour” on a rural road to avoid an animal.

Nico Johnson

Ford government says Trudeau is to blame for 160% increase in refugee claims since 2013

The province is seeking further financial compensation from the federal government at the tune of $25 million to fill an alleged “funding gap”.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

Dear Justin Trudeau: ISIS terrorists must be stripped of Canadian citizenship

According to a Nanos Research poll, over 70 percent of Canadians say that any “Canadian” who travelled to the mid-east to fight for ISIS, or lived in ISIS territory, should be stripped of Canadian Citizenship.

Spencer Fernando

Toronto immigration officers draw outrage over "random" ID checks

The two officials apparently took one elderly woman into their car after she could not produce documentation.

Joseph Fang

New poll reveals Canada’s story is still being written

Our story, in the grand scheme of civilizations, is a young one. As much as we should know our nation’s history, we must also understand that our founding mythos is still being written today.

Matthew Azrieli