Canada rewriting Oath of Citizenship to recognize Indigenous peoples

Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino said the change will make the Oath of Citizenship "more inclusive" and serves as “one more vital step toward reconciliation.”

Noah David Alter

Biden supporters' ignorance on display as they react to Trump's 'coyote' comment

Many liberal bluecheck accounts on Twitter didn't even understand that when Trump said "coyote" he was referring to paid smugglers of human beings.

Libby Emmons

WATCH: Undecided voter at town hall is crazy about Trump’s 'handsome' smile

In the middle of what was otherwise a very acrimonious town hall attended by US President Donald Trump, he received a compliment from a person attending admiring his smile.

James Anthony

Trudeau Liberals seek to raise immigration levels despite pandemic

Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino is looking to accept 351,000 new immigrants to Canada in 2021

Noah David Alter

40 percent of Canadians want Trudeau immigration rates cut

Over 40 percent of Canadians have said that immigration rates should be cut, according to research performed by the Department of Immigration.

Nico Johnson

Michelle Obama accuses Trump of caging children though her husband was the one who did it first

In her DNC keynote address, Michelle Obama accused the Trump of separating children from their parents and caging them, without noting that it was Barack Obama who installed the cages in the first place.

Collin Jones

Canadian dies while detained in US immigration detention centre with coronavirus outbreak

A Canadian has died after being held at a U.S. immigration detention centre for almost three months while it was facing a major coronavirus outbreak.

Sam Edwards

Asylum claims rise in Canada despite travel restrictions

As travel restrictions remain in place, Canada is seeing an increase in the amount of asylum claims in the country.

Sam Edwards

Americans looking to move to Canada as US coronavirus cases surge

US and Canadian immigration lawyers say there has recently been an increase in Americans looking to move north of the border.

Sam Edwards

POLL: 76 percent of Canadians want pause on immigration

Most Canadians want to put a hold on immigration and close borders until the threat of COVID-19 has passed and the economy recovers, according to a new poll.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau announces meeting with UN, will look into giving asylum seekers immigrant status

Trudeau touched on how Canadian jobs and businesses were dependent on international business, saying that Canada "can't wait for others to act."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

EXCLUSIVE: Children traumatized in Canadian detention centres

For an eight year-old girl with a violent background, 48 hours of detention in Canada was enough to prompt their development of selective mutism.

Samuel Helguero

Trudeau's immigration minister says Canada needs more newcomers following pandemic

Marco Medicino said that the role being played by immigration labour during the pandemic is showing why strong immigration has to continue afterwards.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau government hints at dropping immigration over unemployment

Trudeau's immigration minister has suggested that Canada's immigration rates may be slashed for the first time in a decade.

Nico Johnson

Trudeau government allows foreign worker permits while nearly 2.5 million Canadians are unemployed

The number of foreign workers hired in Canada since the WHO declaration of a worldwide pandemic on March 11 is not known.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz