Incels being added to RCMP's terrorism awareness guide

The RCMP is looking to add incels to its Terrorism and Violent Extremism Awareness guide.

Sam Edwards

Notorious Incel van killer speaks

“As soon as [the light] turned green, I started going… I allow the van to collide with them… Some people get knocked down on the way. Some people roll over the top of the van.”

Dylan Gibbons

Publication ban on ‘Incel’ Killers’ statements to police will be lifted next month

Statements that Alek Minassian made to police the night after he was arrested and charged with allegedly driving a van down Yonge St., Toronto, killing many people, are to become public on September 27 following a decision by Superior Court Justice Anne Molloy Friday morning.

Dylan Gibbons

The brutal murder of Bianca Devins reveals the problem of incel culture

Bianca Devins was 17-years-old when her life came to a tragic halt. She had been tracked down after a concert by a jealous wannabe-boyfriend, Brandon Andrew Clark, and nearly decapitated, the photos of her lifeless body posted to his Discord server and Instagram.

Anna Slatz