Indigenous Affairs

BC hockey team changes name from 'Braves' just in case it might be offensive

A hockey team on Vancouver Island will be changing their name and logo after the team's owners felt it may be disrespectful to Indigenous communities.

Quinn Patrick

Canadian activists seek to change names of 'racist' and 'sexist' mountains

The names of several hiking trails in Alberta are being looked into as some members of Alberta's climbing community want them to be changed.

Quinn Patrick

CBC host cancels herself after complaining about lack of diversity

Christine Genier, host of Yukon Morning, a radio show that airs in Whitehorse, resigned after making comments regarding a lack of Indigenous and Black voices.

Quinn Patrick

Manitoba First Nations will go ahead with annual powwow

A First Nations Chief in Manitoba says they will go ahead with their annual powwow despite the province's public health orders to limit the size of gatherings.

Quinn Patrick

Indigenous-led protest blocks access to Oka Park over coronavirus fears

Members of the Mohawk community of Kanesatake have blocked access to the Oka Provincial Park despite the government allowing it to reopen today.

Quinn Patrick

New poll shows nearly 70 percent of Canadians believe Canada is broken

While not every Canadian has an answer on how to fix the railway blockade situation, most can agree that the government is failing to address the crisis.

Quinn Patrick

Wet’suwet’en matriarch upset with anti-pipeline protestors

Rita George, a Wet’suwet’en hereditary subchief has decided to voice her opinion about the anti-pipeline protestors who aren’t with the community.

Quinn Patrick

Trudeau to hold meeting with premiers over anti-pipeline blockades

Prime Minister Trudeau will hold a meeting with the Canadian premiers to update what the government’s plan to deal with anti-pipeline protestors blockades

Quinn Patrick

WATCH: Scheer RIPS Trudeau for pipeline inaction

“Will our country be one of the rule of law? Or ill our country be one of the rule of the mob?” Andrew Scheer said in response to Prime Minister Trudeau.

Quinn Patrick

Woke playwright tells white people not to review her play

Playwright Yolanda Bonnell is a two-spirit, Ojibwe/South Asian performer who has written a new play that she requested on CBC that white people not review.

Quinn Patrick

Trudeau’s MPs tell him to scrap new oil sands project

Many members of Trudeau’s caucus were desperately trying to sway the Prime Minister from the approving the massive $20 billion…

Quinn Patrick

Senator Lynn Beyak denies claiming she was Metis

Senator Lynn Beyak said yesterday that she never actually claimed to be Metis. “Media is reporting I am Métis .. I am not now, never was.”

Quinn Patrick

Senator Lynn Beyak claims she’s Metis

Ontario Senator Lynn Beyak is looking at potential suspension after failing to complete her anti-racism training from the Red Chamber.

Quinn Patrick

New victims and the false lure of pure culture

Mark Milke, in his new book The Victim Cult, looks at some Indigenous policies of the Canadian government that are detrimental to native children.

Mark Milke

Trudeau’s Indigenous spending boost is part reality, part shell game

A budgetary mugs game spilled into Senate Finance committee this December about spending increases for Indigenous services and staffing two new departments.

Jason Unrau