WATCH: White House Press Secretary SLAMS media for failing to cover historic Middle East peace deals

Kayleigh McEnany, the White House Press Secretary, had very strong words for the mainstream media today, regarding the fact that they almost completely ignored historic peace deals signed yesterday.

James Anthony

Have the Palestinians missed the boat on Mid-East peace?

What we're witnessing is a change of attitude amongst Arab states that are fed up with the Palestinians acting as the eternal victim.

Noah Lewis

BREAKING: Trump expects Saudi Arabia to join historic Middle East peace agreements

The peace deals will allow Israel, Bahrain, and the UAE to engage in trade, security, and tourism. Muslims will also be permitted to visit Islamic holy sites in Israel.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BREAKING: Abraham Accord signed bringing peace between Israel and Arab neighbours

The historic Abraham Accord has just been signed between the United States, Israel, Bahrain and the United Aram Emirates, essentially bringing peace between Arab nations in the Middle East and Israel.

James Anthony

The Atlantic wants to cancel the Nobel Peace Prize now that Trump is nominated

As a result of his diplomatic acumen, Trump has now been twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The Atlantic is calling for the abolition of the prize itself.

Libby Emmons

BREAKING: Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

US President Donald Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work bringing peace to the Middle East.

Libby Emmons

Saudi Arabia agrees to let Israel, UAE use its airspace

Saudi Arabia has entered into an agreement with the United Arab Emirates and Israel, allowing all flights to pass through its airspace, partly due to the efforts of the US government.

James Anthony

Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for historic Israel-UAE deal

It is obvious, using historic comparables, that this administration has accomplished—through sheer negotiation aptitude—more than any other administration ever has for the region.

Matthew Azrieli

Trump administration secures full diplomatic ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates

Trump has been instrumental in deescalating global conflicts on the Korean peninsula and the Middle East, and adds the beginning of these UAE/Israel ties to his diplomatic wins.

Joe Vaughan

Netherlands admits to paying terrorist who killed Israeli girl

The Dutch government has admitted to paying members of the terrorist organization responsible for the murder of 17-year-old Israeli girl Rina Shnerb.

James Anthony

Why Canadian Jews should support Donald Trump

I am mystified how Canadian Jews can hate Trump so much when he has clearly been so supportive of our community and Israel.

Georganne Burke

Black Lives Matter stands against Israel

BLM protests have continued their call for defunding police departments, but they have since added a new target for their anger— the Jewish state of Israel.

Ari Hoffman

Official Black Lives Matter account tweets out anti-Semitic message

Black Lives Matter's official account posted that they are in favour of the demise of Israel in favour of a Palestinian state.

Libby Emmons

American Jews looking to Israel as anti-Semitism in the US rises

More American Jews applied to or inquired about immigrating to Israel in May than in any single month over the last two decades due to coronavirus and rising anti-Semitism.

Ari Hoffman

In the fight against coronavirus, Israel has been a model for the world

Israel truly has been a model for other countries to emulate in its fight against COVID-19, and the entire world may soon benefit from Israel’s ingenuity, its perseverance and its chutzpah!

Mike Fegelman