Sicily gives 24-hour notice to migrants to leave or risk arrest due to COVID-19 fears

The governor of Sicily delivered overnight orders to rid all refugees from the island's centers and ban migrants from arriving, alarmed by a surge of COVID-19 cases weeks before schools are to reopen.

Mia Cathell

Parents find no reprieve in partial reopening

The lag in reopening society takes a greater toll on parents, who find that mixing homeschooling, work and restrictions takes a drastic mental health toll.

Julian Vigo

Italian social-distancing ordinances are more confusing than helpful

Italians are not taking social distancing seriously because there are simply too many government communications that are inordinately confusing.

Julian Vigo

101-year-old man makes full recovery after contracting coronavirus

An Italian man, aged 101, has been released from hospital on Thursday having made a full recovery after contracting COVID-19.

Quinn Patrick

Italy orders military to help remove bodies of the deceased

The army has been called in to remove bodies in Italy due to the coronavirus outbreak, the surge in deaths has left funeral services overwhelmed.

Quinn Patrick

Italy to stop treating coronavirus patients over 80 if outbreak worsens

The coronavirus pandemic that has hit Italy considerably worse than most other countries has forced them to take drastic measures.

Quinn Patrick

WATCH: Italians under coronavirus lockdown sing to each other from their windows

A viral video shows Italians singing from their windows to each other as coronavirus puts the entire country on lockdown.

Quinn Patrick

CORONAVIRUS: Man wears elaborate disc to ensure social distancing

One Italian man has been walking the streets of Rome inside a custom made disc in an attempt to promote social distancing amid the outbreak of COVID-19.

Quinn Patrick

BREAKING: Italy to be placed on FULL LOCKDOWN due to coronavirus pandemic

Italy, Europe's sixth largest country by population that also holds the title of most coronavirus cases outside of Asia, will be put on a full lockdown.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz