Jack Dorsey

Jill Biden says voting will make 'this pandemic go away' in official party tweet—will Twitter label it misinformation?

Not only is this a spurious and obviously false claim, but Twitter censors have allowed the missive from the Democrats to stand thus far unchallenged.

Libby Emmons

Twitter CEO gives $10 million to anti-racist center at BU whose leader believes 'capitalism is racist'

Twitter's Jack Dorsey has given $10 million to anti-racist author and activist Dr. Ibram X. Kendi and the Center for Antirasict Research at Boston University.

Libby Emmons

Now Twitter is censoring an event that promotes open dialogue between the left and right

Milwaukee-based organizers Mythinformed are the latest victims of Big Tech censorship, as promotional tweets for an upcoming conference have been censored by Twitter.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BREAKING: Twitter censors President Trump for issuing warning to the mob outside White House

Washington is under threat of occupation by protestors turned occupiers. Yet, when Trump tweeted out that this kind of thing will not stand, Twitter censored him.

Libby Emmons

Twitter accuses President Trump of 'glorifying violence' with tweet about riots

The standoff between Twitter and Trump escalated this morning, when Trump took to the platform to express his dismay over the protests that have rocked Minneapolis.

Libby Emmons

Republican Twitter investor may oust Jack Dorsey

Twitter should no longer be the exclusive political platform of extreme far left voices. Balance would be better reflected in the lack of intervention.

Chad Felix Greene

Twitter to stop all political advertisements

Twitter’s CEO believes political advertising can influence votes to affect millions of lives.

Siddak Ahuja