Jacob Blake

The media's attempt to cast Jacob Blake as a hero harms the woman he assaulted

How did liberal and left-wing media entirely eclipse the fact that Jacob Blake was being pursued by the police for a crime?

Julian Vigo

USA Today falsely claims Jacob Blake is dead in story about Kyle Rittenhouse fundraiser

USA Today reported that a conservative gun rights group has raised over $50,000 for the alleged teenage Kenosha gunman "amid protests following the fatal police shooting of Jacob Blake." However, the black shooting victim is very much alive, but paralyzed.

Mia Cathell

Kenosha caravan blocks rush hour traffic and BLM activists occupy steps of county courthouse

The protest was reportedly in solidarity with those demonstrators in Lancaster, Penn., who had taken to the streets against the police shooting of a man who was charging at them with a knife.

Mia Cathell

Kamala Harris' pride in Jacob Blake betrays MeToo

The Vice Presidential hopeful and the mainstream media have been gushing about Blake meanwhile omitting or burying his alleged criminal misconduct toward women.

Nicole Russell

BREAKING: Kamala Harris calls Jacob Blake's family 'incredible' despite father's virulent anti-Semitism

After Sen. Kamala Harris met with Jacob Blake today, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate called his family "incredible" even though Blake's father has been cited for spreading anti-Semitism on social media.

Mia Cathell

Kamala Harris meets with Jacob Blake and his family

California senator and vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris met with Jacob Blake and family, including Blake's father who has been criticized for anti-Semitism.

James Anthony

Student journalist pressured to resign after tweeting truth on Jacob Blake

Klein tweeted: "Always more to the story, folks. Please read this article to get the background of Jacob Blake's warrant. You'll be quite disgusted."

Collin Jones

Jacob Blake's father revealed to be anti-Semitic—Biden still scheduled to meet with him

Conspiracies about the Jews controlling the media, lies about Jewish origins history are a prominent trend on his Facebook profile.

Ari Hoffman

REVEALED: 102 of 175 rioters arrested in Kenosha were from out of town

Of the 175 people arrested in connection with the Jacob Blake riots, 102 of them were from out of town, hailing from 44 other municipalities.

Libby Emmons

Reason for Jacob Blake’s arrest warrant revealed

The outstanding arrest warrant for Jacob Blake, who was shot by police in Kenosha, WI, reveals that it was in violation of a restraining order by his ex-girlfriend. Blake is alleged to have sexually assaulted her, and is currently facing criminal charges.

James Anthony

WATCH: Joe Biden mixes up Jacob Blake and Kyle Rittenhouse, lies about Trump

"I don't know enough to know whether that 17-year-old kid, exactly what he did, but allegedly he's part of a militia coming out of Illinois," said Biden when being asked about Jacob Blake.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BREAKING: NHL cancels playoff games amid social unrest in America

No playoff games will be played in the NHL on Thursday as the league stands in solidarity with other leagues to protest the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Sam Edwards

Jacob Blake's mother condemns riots that have ravaged Kenosha

Julia Jackson expressed her disgust with the riots that have ravaged Kenosha, Wisc., following an incident that resulted in police officers shooting her 29-year-old son.

Collin Jones

CNN says protests 'fiery but mostly peaceful' while reporter pictured in front of Kenosha burning to the ground

The outright, direct lie caused many viewers to do a double take. And as the flames rose behind Jimenez, it was impossible for viewers to reconcile the images with the words.

Libby Emmons

BREAKING: Officials name officer who shot Jacob Blake, reveal that Blake had a knife

The Wisconsin Department of Justice has revealed the name of the officer who allegedly shot Jacob Blake on Sunday night and said that Blake admitted to having a knife in his possession.

Libby Emmons