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9 days ago

CNN's Jake Tapper: 'Christmas is probably not gonna be possible'

Coronavirus may have claimed another holiday.

Ian Miles Cheong
13 days ago

CNN's Jake Tapper tells followers not to make blacklists just days after warning Trump supporters of 'consequences'

Jake Tapper warned that there would be consequences for Trump supporters, yet today he has chastised those who are making lists of Trump supporters in order to hold them accountable.

Libby Emmons
14 days ago

CNN's Jake Tapper warns of consequences for Trump supporters

CNN's Jake Tapper has piled on with a warning that Trump aides battling the president's legal case could see their job opportunities vanish.

Mia Cathell
15 days ago

BREAKING: CNN's Jake Tapper claims Mark Esper is 'worried' FBI, CIA directors will be fired

Tapper posted to Twitter that a senior administration official told CNN that Esper is worried for Wray's job, as well as that of CIA Director Gina Haspell.

Libby Emmons
24 days ago

Jake Tapper deletes tweet falsely accusing Trump supporters of running Biden staffers off the road

On Saturday morning, CNN's Jake Tapper shared a tweet thread on Saturday that falsely claimed Trump supporters were trying to target Biden supporters with their vehicles in Texas.

Barrett Wilson
2 months ago

BREAKING: Text message emerges proving CNN's Jake Tapper tried to pressure Sean Parnell to not run against Conor Lamb

CNN host Jake Tapper directly attempted to convince GOP rising star Sean Parnell to not run in the same swing congressional district in Pennsylvania as Pelosi's crony and Democratic incumbent Rep. Conor Lamb.

Mia Cathell
6 months ago

Ben Carson criticized for downplaying 'systemic racism'

Ben Carson has been heavily criticized for the comments he made on Sunday about his lack of belief in systemic racism in today's world.

Collin Jones
6 months ago

Jake Tapper attacks news anchor on Twitter for being Christian

Jake Tapper recently took to Twitter to denigrate a news anchor's religious beliefs.

Collin Jones
8 months ago

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi urged people to congregate in Chinatown in late February

Pelosi critiqued Trump for his failure to imagine the disastrous effect of the COVID-19 coronavirus on America, when in fact she failed to imagine the same thing.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

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