Japanese 'Twitter killer' lawyers claims his victims consented, he disagrees

Allegedly he contacted his victims on Twitter after having read their tweets where they confessed to thinking about taking their own lives. He then contacted them, offering to "help" them with the act.

James Anthony

Countries are walking away from trade with China after coronavirus outbreak

For countries evaluating a future beyond COVID-19, China’s commercial instability during the global crisis has become a point of contention among industry and trading partners.

Leonardo Briceno

Four foreign affair gaffes that show Trudeau is underqualified

Gaffe after gaffe helps build the case that Trudeau is out of his league, having embarrassed himself in several countries on several occasions.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Death toll in suspected Japan arson incident hits 33, another 36 injured

According to BBC News, residents living near called police once they heard the sounds of an explosion, while seeing smoke billowing from the building.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz