Jason Kenney

BREAKING: Canadian premiers hold joint press conference requesting Trudeau govt increase healthcare funding by $28 BILLION

The Trudeau government's speech, which will lay out the Liberal Party's legislative agenda for the upcoming parliamentary session is scheduled for Wednesday, September 23.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Memorial for fallen police officer defaced in Edmonton

A memorial statue for an Edmonton police officer killed in the line of duty in 1990 was recently defaced by vandals.

James Anthony

Kenney says he would be happy to receive Montreal's destroyed statue of Sir Macdonald

Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney , says he would be happy to take the destroyed 125-year-old bronze statue of John A. Macdonald from the City of Montreal and install it on the grounds of the Alberta Legislature.

Joe Vaughan

Trudeau government plans to increase number of safe injection sites

Safe injection sites have long been controversial in Canada. Doug Ford and Jason Kenney have been lukewarm towards this program.

Nico Johnson

Laws limiting freedoms are not based in science but fear

These lockdowns were imposed for the purpose of flattening the curve, not stopping the spread. The curve is flat, and has been for months.

John Carpay

Singular focus on COVID has led to deadly unintended consequences

Our politicians' singular focus on eradicating COVID-19, to the exclusion of so many other aspects of public health is, not surprisingly, proving to be harmful.

John Carpay

Alberta Law Society embraces politically correct cancel culture

Faced with baseless NDP claims about a "racist" Aboriginal scholar and lawyer who represents people harmed by residential schools, Jason Kenney’s UCP government folded like a cheap tent.

John Carpay

NDP politician celebrates Thatchers death, wishes she died sooner

An NDP politician in Alberta has celebrated the death of the first female British prime minister in the province's legislature.

Nico Johnson

Notley attacks Bunner's speech as 'illegal' simply because she disagrees with him

It’s one thing when the majority of people agree with a particular belief or opinion. It’s quite another when the government renders disagreement "illegal".

John Carpay

Appeals for Alberta premier to fire speechwriter who called residential schools 'bogus genocide story'

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has been placed under pressure to fire a speechwriter who called residential schools a "bogus genocide story."

Nico Johnson

Jerry Dunham was killed by the lockdown—not by COVID-19

Jerry posted on Facebook: “…my government told me they’re willing to let me die, which according to them is for my own safety.”

John Carpay

Kenney to hold referendum on Alberta's equalization payments

A referendum on equalization in 2021 will happen as part of Alberta's Fair Deal Panel's recommendations, said the province's Premier Kenney.

Quinn Patrick

Alberta premier attacks Liberal gun ban as a punishment for law-abiding gun owners

Premier Jason Kenney and other Albertan politicians have called out the new Liberal gun ban as "an overreach" that punishing law-abiding gun owners.

Quinn Patrick

Premier Kenney advocates for opening up the economy, protecting seniors

There is a push to get things back to normal and the virus is being presented by the UCP as more of a threat to seniors but not so much to younger people.

Sam Edwards

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney writes letter to Trudeau asking for exemption for pro athletes

Kenney asked that foreign professional athletes be exempt from the 14-day quarantine period that is currently required for people entering the country.

Sam Edwards