Jeff Bezos

BLM protesters show up to Jeff Bezos' house—declare it's time to 'eat the rich'

A group of BLM activists brought their demonstration to the front door of Jeff Bezos' home in Medina, Wash. and proclaimed that it's time to "eat the rich."

Collin Jones

WATCH: Activists erect guillotine outside of Jeff Bezos' DC home

Activists have shown up outside of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ DC home with a guillotine for the second time.

Sam Edwards

Seattle imposes new tax to go after Jeff Bezos—but his income is under the threshold

Seattle passed a tax on salaries of top earners in an effort to target Amazon and Jeff Bezos. Ironically, the tax does not apply to Jeff Bezos himself.

Ari Hoffman

Activists leave guillotine outside Jeff Bezos' DC home

Fringe activists set up a guillotine outside of Jeff Bezos' DC home, saying "it is still exploitation and when they become threatened , and we have no voice, the knives come out."

Libby Emmons

Bezos under fire for support of Black Lives Matter

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took to social media to share the backlash he has received after coming out as openly supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Collin Jones