Jeffrey Epstein

BREAKING: Ghislaine Maxwell denied bail by New York judge

A New York judge denied bail to Ghislaine Maxwell on Tuesday. Maxwell is awaiting her trial on sex trafficking charges.

Barrett Wilson

Ghislaine Maxwell pleads 'not guilty' on all charges

Ghislaine Maxwell plead not guilty on all charges as a judge decides on whether or not to grant bail. Maxwell argued that the risk of coronavirus should enable the granting of bail.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Ghislaine Maxwell is a suicide risk according to feds

As Ghislaine Maxwell entered custody in New York City, federal officials were worried that the longtime girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein would take her own life.

Sam Edwards

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell about to expose?

There is a lengthy list of rich and powerful individuals who flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane, aptly coined the “Lolita Express.”

Blaire White

Former Reddit CEO says she 'knew' Ghislaine Maxwell was 'supplying underage girls for sex'

Pao, who is a lawyer by trade, attended the party in 2011, two years after Epstein had already been convicted of soliciting sex from a minor.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Alan Dershowitz urges the public to 'keep an open mind' about Ghislaine Maxwell

Attorney Alan Dershowitz asked people to "keep an open mind" about Jeffrey Epstein's partner Ghislaine Maxwell after the FBI arrested her on Thursday.

Collin Jones

Ghislaine Maxwell 'will be naming names' of those involved in Epstein's pedophile ring

Ghislaine Maxwell will be cooperating with the FBI and “naming names” of those involved with the criminal activities of Jeffery Epstein.

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Epstein companion and alleged sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell arrested by FBI

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's confidante and companion, has been arrested and faces charges of sex abuse. Epstein died while awaiting trial in New York last year.

Libby Emmons

Prince Andrew asked to testify as a witness in Epstein inquiry

Prince Andrew has been formally asked to speak at the Jeffrey Epstein inquiry by the U.S. Department of Justice, according to the BBC.

Quinn Patrick

Bill Clinton was spotted on Epstein's pedophile island, according to Netflix documentary

A new witness has come forward claiming that Bill Clinton spent time with his friend Jeffrey Epstein at the financier's notorious orgy island—contradicting the former president's denials that he had ever visited there.

Collin Jones

Federal prosecutors want to interview Prince Andrew over Epstein scandal

The FBI and federal prosecutors in New York have asked if they can interview Prince Andrew in their ongoing investigation into Jeffrey Epstein.

Barrett Wilson

Doctor shares new evidence suggesting Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself

Dr. Michael Baden, a forensic pathologist has claimed that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Quinn Patrick

U.S. Virgin Islands sues estate of Jeffrey Epstein

The U.S. Virgin Islands is suing the estate of Jeffrey Epstein for the sex trafficking hundreds of women and girls to his private island, Little St. James.

Barrett Wilson

Pictures show Bill Clinton posing with Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein victim Chauntae Davis

Recently released pictures from Clinton’s trip on Epstein’s private jet show him posing with Ghislaine Maxwell and Chauntae Davis

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PRINCE ANDREW: Canadian orgs won’t say if they’ll cut ties with disgraced Royal

Numerous U.K. and Australian organizations and companies have cut ties with the Duke of York, but orgs in Canada are staying mum.

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