Jessica Yaniv

Young woman surprised to match with Jessica Yaniv on lesbians-only dating app

In Vancouver, a 23-year-old woman downloaded lesbian dating app HER in the hope of meeting someone for love and companionship. Instead, she matched with Jessica Yaniv.

Erin Perse

BREAKING: Jessica Yaniv gets suspended from Twitter

Today, Yaniv tweeted out a photo of a cheque for salon workers harmed by her "wax my balls" case. Shortly after posting the photo of the $6,000 cheque, she was suspended from Twitter.

Anna Slatz

Jessica Yaniv pleads guilty to weapons charge

Jessica Yaniv pleaded guilty to a prohibited weapons charge and was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation prior to a July sentencing date.

Anna Slatz

Jessica Yaniv targets journalist with bogus criminal accusations

Jessica Yaniv has gone to the RCMP to double down on the false allegation that independent journalist Amy Eileen Hamm assaulted her.

Anna Slatz

Jessica Yaniv advances private prosecution against disabled journalist

Jessica Yaniv appeared at the Surrey Courthouse today to advance a private prosecution against Donald Smith, an intellectually disabled citizen journalist.

Anna Slatz

Jessica Yaniv sues more immigrant salon workers—tribunal says ‘enough’

Jessica Yaniv is pursuing yet another immigrant-woman owned salon, However, Yaniv is being penalized for refusing to pay outstanding fines.

Anna Slatz

Why won’t they keep Jessica Yaniv behind bars?

Jessica Yaniv is in the news every week for committing a crime or doing something so morally abhorrent it might as well be criminal to do so.

Ian Miles Cheong

Jessica Yaniv threatened with legal action over sex assault accusation

Canadian trans activist Jessica Yaniv has been threatened with legal action after telling her Twitter followers that Amy Eileen Hamm sexually assaulted her.

Nico Johnson

Jessica Yaniv arrested, charged with assault

Jessica Yaniv was arrested for the assault of a Canadian journalist on Wednesday. If convicted, she may face up to five years in jail.

Barrett Wilson

Jessica Yaniv accuses Post Millennial reporter of sexual assault in courthouse

Notorious trans rights activist and alleged child sex predator Jessica Yaniv has falsely accused The Post Millennial’s Amy Eileen Hamm of sexual assault.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz and Barrett Wilson

RCMP investigating Jessica Yaniv for alleged assault of journalist

Rebel Media commentator Keean Bexte announced that he is cooperating with the RCMP in an ongoing investigation into an incident with Jessica Yaniv.

Graeme Gordon

WATCH: Jessica Yaniv assaults journalist outside of court

the scene outside of the Surrey Law Courts was shocking as Yaniv was caught on camera violently assaulting Rebel Media reporter Keean Bexte.

Anna Slatz

Jessica Yaniv appears in court, confronts Post Millennial reporter

Jessica Yaniv appeared in court today where she accused a Post Millennial reporter of taking photographs of her in the women’s washroom during recess.

Amy Eileen Hamm

Jessica Yaniv to appear in B.C. court today on weapons charges

Notorious trans activist Jessica Yaniv is due to appear in a British Columbia court today. Yaniv is facing two counts of possession of a prohibited weapon violating the Firearms Act.

Rebecca Christiansen

‘I’m not allowing this’: Yaniv vows to stop Ricky Gervais’ Vancouver show

Ricky Gervais announced that he would be doing a comedy tour, with stops in Toronto and Vancouver. Jessica Yaniv doesn’t want Ricky in her backyard.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz