Jk Rowling

JK Rowling cancelled for 'transphobic' book that contains no trans characters or storyline

The book has virtually nothing to do with trans people, and anyone claiming otherwise is lying, has not read the book, or both.

Blaire White

Celebrities and activists call for JK Rowling's books to be burned

who would take to burning Rowling's books are also missing that her new book, which few who condemn it have actually read, is neither transphobic nor about a trans person.

Libby Emmons

JK Rowling's new book falsely criticized as 'anti-trans'

This false claim, based on assumptions and not from reading the book, led to a backlash against not only this, but all of Rowling's books.

Angelo Isidorou

Rowling wasn't even writing about trans people and LGBTQ+ activists freaked out

The argument has never been that transwomen are a threat to women and girls, but that heterosexual, cisgender male predators will abuse gender identity-inclusive policies to pursue their goals.

Chad Felix Greene

Radical trans activists freak out over JK Rowling using a trans villain in new book

Writing under the pen name Robert Galbraith, Rowling has published Troubled Blood, a mystery novel dealing with the cold case of a missing woman that features a trans character.

Libby Emmons

Billboard company to take down tribute to JK Rowling after one complaint of transphobia

A billboard raised in Vancouver in support of JK Rowling is slated to be taken down after Pattison, the billboard company, caved to pressure after just one complaint from a trans rights activist.

Angelo Isidorou

Railway station pulls poster supporting JK Rowling for being 'political' despite absolutely no complaints

Network Rail determined that a poster in support of a famed, UK novelist, that didn't mention trans, gender, or women's rights, was too political.

Collin Jones

ACLU attorney claims that 'biological sex' is white supremacist—it isn't

Biological sex as a concept, it seems, is racist according to a new theory touted by transgender activist and ACLU staff attorney Chase Strangio.

Chad Felix Greene

Trans advocates who threaten violence are seeking power not equality

If your crusade relies on bullying, abuse, and gaslighting, is it really even a movement? A movement that threatens women with violence in the name of equality is not actually seeking civil rights, but dominance and power.

Kristen Monique

Standing up for JK Rowling gets YA author Gillian Philip cancelled

Scottish author Gillian Philip of the Warrior Cats series was sacked by her employer, Working Partners, for standing up for JK Rowling on Twitter.

Erin Perse

Noted authors demand end to censorship and cancel culture

The letter was signed by Noam Chomsky, Margaret Atwood, JK Rowling, Salman Rushdie, Malcolm Gladwell, Jonathan Haidt, and dozens more writers, journalists and academics.

Quinn Patrick

JK Rowling is right—turning gay children into straight members of the opposite sex is conversion therapy

Arguing that gender nonconforming behavior in gay people means they are the other sex and require a complete change of their physical body in order to be “cured” is conversion therapy.

Chad Felix Greene

J.K. Rowling fires back at critics with new Twitter thread on mental illness

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling took to Twitter early Sunday morning to fire back at people who have berated her on a number of sensitive topics, including allegations that she made light of mental illness.

Collin Jones

Big tech censors women who advocate for their right to exist

Reddit seems to want to banish women from the public square of political discussion to which even men with the most horrifying and illegal interests are considered entitled.

Erin Perse

'Don't call us menstruators' petition taken down by Change.org

Women who don't want to be called menstruators created a petition using Change.org to ask that the practice be stopped. Instead, Change.org cancelled the petition.

Amy Eileen Hamm