Joe Biden

WATCH: Biden brags about 'extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization' created by Democrats

Video shows Biden bragging about Democrats' "most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization."

Celine Ryan

AP says Joe Biden will give citizenship to 100,000 illegal immigrants in 'fact check' targeting Spanish speakers

A new AP article is stating that Joe Biden is promising to give citizenship to 100,000 illegal immigrants in his first 100 days of office. This claim is however, unsubstantiated on Biden's platform, raising many questions on the campaign's strategy.

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Biden calls Pennsylvania voters who do not support him 'chumps'

Video of a Biden campaign shows the Democratic presidential candidate calling Pennsylvanian voters who do not support him "chumps."

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EMAIL: Hunter Biden's business partner asks him to remove Joe Biden's photo from Ukraine energy firm website

In the latest Biden email scandals revealed days before the general election, one of Hunter Biden's business partners frantically told him to ask Burisma to take Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's picture off their website.

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WATCH: Biden falsely claims raising the minimum wage will help small businesses

Small businesses are already walking a tightrope, and if their bottom lines go up in cost, so too could the prices they levy to their customers.

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Why Trump could see a bounce out of the last debate

Trump emerged slightly as the frontrunner of the last presidential debate before the election Nov. 3.

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BREAKING: FBI asks Hunter Biden's ex-business associate Tony Bobulinski for interview

The FBI has asked Tony Bobulinski, a former associate of Hunter Biden's, for an interview this morning.

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Chinese company gave $5 million forgivable loan to Biden 'family' according to Hunter Biden's former associate Tony Bobulinski

A 2017 email from a top official with a Chinese energy firm outlines the terms of an agreement in which the firm gave a $5 million non-secured, forgivable loan to the Biden family.

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Biden tells black children to not wear hoodies in the streets: 'There is institutional racism in America'

Joe Biden told anecdotes about racism in America while President Donald Trump spoke of his actual policies.

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Trump's run for president inspired by Biden's failures

"I ran because of you. I'm running because of you. Because you did a poor job," Trump said during Thursday's presidential debate.

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Trump accuses Biden of 'Big Man' corruption in son's overseas business dealings

Trump directly asked Democratic Biden about his role as the "Big Man" named in the Hunter Biden emails scandal during the final presidential debate before the general election.

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Biden says 8 years wasn't enough time to 'get it right'

Biden had eight years, working with an incredibly popular president, Barack Obama, to sort out the problems with immigration at the border, and what they ended up with were kids in cages.

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BREAKING: Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner confirms Joe Biden’s involvement in secret China deal

"Everything I am saying is corroborated," Bobulinksi continued as he stated that he has three phones that he intends to hand over to the FBI in the morning.

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BREAKING: Email reveals Hunter Biden lobbied Joe for political favors

An email appears to confirm suspicions that Hunter Biden was lobbying Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for his political cronies after being pressed to "talk to the big guy."

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REVEALED: Hunter Biden's text messages show Joe Biden meeting with Chinese energy company

Text messages reveal Hunter Biden personally arranging a meeting with his business associates and Joe Biden in May 2017 to discuss a major deal with a Chinese energy company despite past denials from the Democratic presidential nominee.

Mia Cathell