John Horgan

BREAKING: Horgan calls BC election amid pandemic

In what is seen as an unsurprising announcement, the NDP is calling this election during a time when Horgan has all-time highs approval numbers.

Angelo Isidorou

BC announces plans to gradually reopen economy

British Columbia's success with containing the spread of COVID-19 has led Premier John Horgan to announce plans to get the province's schools and businesses reopened.

Quinn Patrick

Uber and Lyft have been approved for Metro Vancouver

The two Goliath ride-hailing companies will launch their operations imminently—perhaps within weeks or even days.

Nico Johnson

Former B.C. government disbanded the illegal gaming unit despite signs of corruption: Report

A wealthy businessman who was well-connected to Asian organized crime was permitted to buy a stake in a British Columbian Lottery Group casino.

Nico Johnson

B.C. companies unable to explain soaring gas prices

Major companies who operate throughout British Columbia have been unable to explain a 13 cent per litre difference between southern B.C. and the rest of the province.

Nico Johnson

B.C. premier adds another wrench to pipeline fortunes: expert

Longtime insider says B.C.’s adoption of UNDRIP should light a fire under Trudeau to cut pipeline deal with Indigenous interests. B.C. NDP Premier could prove major problem for pipeline expansion.

Jason Unrau