John Tory

Toronto Doctors For Defunding Police in say 'policing is a public health crisis'

A group of more than 50 Toronto-based doctors are demanding the defunding of police, claiming that "policing is a public health crisis."

Mia Cathell

BREAKING: Anti-eviction protests turn violent outside of Toronto mayor's home

Protestors and Toronto police clashed outside of Toronto Mayor John Tory's condo Monday evening.

Barrett Wilson

BUSTED: Toronto mayor posts old photo of city to hide protestors' vandalism

Toronto Mayor John Tory has found himself in hot water after he posted a picture of a landmark that has since been vandalized by protestors.

Nico Johnson

Toronto asks businesses to get ready for next phase of reopening

The City of Toronto is advising restaurants to start preparing to reopen along with personal service businesses such as hair and nail salons and barbers.

Sam Edwards

BREAKING: Thousands protest in Toronto over the deaths of Regis Korchinski-Paquet and George Floyd

Protests that were planned today in Toronto to take action against anti-black and anti-Indigenous racism in Canada and the US saw thousands arrive on the scene to take part.

Libby Emmons and Beth Baisch

Toronto mayor celebrates 'Menstrual Hygiene Day' by calling women 'menstruators' and 'people who menstruate'

It is quite odd that the official website for Menstrual Health Day specifically names women and girls, but Mayor Tory's proclamation does not.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Toronto to paint circles in Trinity Bellwoods Park to enforce social distancing

Toronto will be painting circles on the grass at Trinity Bellwoods Park to enforce social distancing as per coronavirus crisis measures.

Jonathan Bradley

Toronto Mayor blasted over FOUR BILLION DOLLAR Rail Deck Park

John Tory's pet project, Rail Deck Park, is being pushed ahead. This comes despite the cost of the project ballooning since its last projection.

Nico Johnson

Toronto mayor apologizes for not wearing a mask while criticizing others for not wearing a mask

Tory had gone to the park to determine just how much his fellow citizens were not following the social distancing protocols that he was not following.

Collin Jones

BUSTED: Toronto mayor breaks his own social distancing rules in crowded park

The photos emerged after public outcry over photos of a crowded Trinity Bellwood park, a west-Toronto public area that has remained open to the public throughout the pandemic.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Sidewalk Labs pulling out of Toronto's Quayside waterfront project

Sidewalk Labs cancelled their Quayside waterfront development in Toronto, citing "unprecedented economic uncertainty."

Jonathan Bradley

Toronto Mayor confirms planning is underway to 'eventually' reopen city

Toronto mayor John Tory announced that the City has started planning how to "eventually" reopen.

Quinn Patrick

Average price for a Toronto home now close to $1 MILLION

The average price for a home in Toronto is now coming close to $1 million, showing that housing prices in the city have no sign of slowing down.

Nico Johnson

Toronto Mayor calls for crackdown on illegal handguns, no mention of Trudeau gun ban

Toronto Mayor John Tory has urged “all governments” to take “further action” in stopping gang crime and gun violence. These steps, however, did not mention or advocate for a gun ban.

Nico Johnson