Ethical journalism suffers under the yoke of progressive ideology

It’s anyone's guess what losing ethical journalism will do to us as the mainstream media continues to push big tech to destroy heterodox outlets.

Peter Pischke

Canadian journalist arrested in New York City for covering riots, still detained

Slatz said that police arrested her for breaking the curfew set in place to curb rioting, despite there being a clear exception for journalists. Slatz is being held at the Brooklyn central booking station.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Chinese journalist jailed for 15 years for 'vilifying the communist party'

A journalist has been sentenced to 15 years in prison in China after reportedly 'attacking' the Communist Party.

Sam Edwards

Radical trans rights activists threaten journalist for writing Animal Crossing article

Trans rights activists took aim at a small gaming publication last week after one of their writers published an article on the popular game Animal Crossing.

Anna Slatz

CNN lost the trust of Americans when it refused to air the President live

CNN offered a protest in refusing to air Trump's press conference live, betraying both the public and journalistic integrity.

Chad Felix Greene