Julie Payette

Trudeau calls disgraced Governor General Payette 'excellent', says he won't replace her

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told Red FM radio in Vancouver this morning that Canada's governor general Julia Payette is "excellent" and that he won't replace her.

Joe Vaughan

Trudeau's Gov. Gen. Julie Payette uses government jet to take 19 minute flights from Ontario to Quebec

Gov. Gen Julie Payette has been using a government jet for pick-ups and drop-offs at the Mirabel cargo airport on the way to her cottage.

Sam Edwards

The Governor General spent $250 thousand in taxpayer money trying to hide herself from plebs

The Governor General Julie Payette has been facing intense pressure after allegations emerged a few weeks ago that she had been bullying staff.

Nico Johnson

Stephen Harper named to Order of Canada

Former prime minister Stephen Harper joins film director James Cameron and Nobel Prize winner Donna Strickland in receiving the nation’s highest honour.

Jason Unrau

Tax cuts Liberal government’s ‘first act’, reconciliation and climate change top goals: Throne speech

Throne speech promises tax cuts, more work on climate change and indigenous reconciliation.

Jason Unrau