Justin Trudeau

WE Charity investigation, committees to reconvene by October 19

On Wednesday, Canadian Members of Parliament voted to resume committee investigations on WE Charity, federal contracting and China.

Joe Vaughan

BREAKING: Trudeau government's throne speech attempts a 'reset,' Conservatives will not support

The throne speech had been called "ambitious" by the prime minister himself, with a declared emphasis on "a healthier, safer, fairer, cleaner, and more inclusive Canada."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BREAKING: Trudeau planning nationwide address to Canadians tomorrow night

The address will come after Justin Trudeau's afternoon throne speech. The PMO says it will address "the urgency of fighting COVID-19 as we face down the prospect of a 2nd wave of the virus."

Joe Vaughan

Trudeau Liberals pledge $1 BILLION to buy hotels and motels in fight against homelessness

This pledge is announced just two days away from the Throne Speech, where Liberals are expected to make major fiscal commitments.

Angelo Isidorou

Canadian oil company has planted 11 million more trees than Trudeau government

Syncrude is one of the world's largest producers of synthetic crude oil from Canada's oil sands and is the largest single source producer of crude oil in Canada. This year alone the company has been able to cover around 400 hectares with over one million trees and shrubs.

Joe Vaughan

Beware the poison pills in Trudeau's upcoming throne speech

"If Justin Trudeau had been an honest and reasonable politician, this kind of distrust wouldn’t be necessary. If he had kept his word and kept his promises, then he would get the benefit of the doubt."

Spencer Fernando

BREAKING: Trudeau calls for byelections in Toronto Centre, York Centre ridings

According to Canadian polling site 338Canada, York Centre is considered to be "Leaning LPC," while Toronto Centre is considered a Liberal safe seat.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

O'Toole blasts Trudeau Liberals after being turned away at COVID test centre

O'Toole is currently showing no symptoms, though a statement from the Conservative Party said that they would be tested out of "an abundance of caution."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trudeau consulting with opposition on 'ambitious' throne speech

More funding for healthcare, including long-term care, is expected to be mentioned in the speech, as well as childcare so women can get back to work.

Elie M. Cantin-Nantel

Canadian bankers are warning Trudeau about soaring debt

The top lenders of the country are sending a message to the Trudeau government, warning that the massive budget deficit will have future consequences.

Angelo Isidorou

BREAKING: Trudeau says he does not think Canadians want an election

Trudeau said he believes it would be irresponsible to say that "an election would be irresponsible."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trudeau said government would plant two billion trees—zero planted so far

Trudeau's plan to plant two billion trees over ten years was announced just under a year ago when the election campaign was in full swing. To this date, zero trees have been planted under this initiative.

Joe Vaughan

Trudeau government imported $19 BILLION in foreign oil last year

Canada imported over 8.7 billion barrels of crude oil from other countries between 1988 and 2019, an average of nearly 749,000 barrels per day over the period.

Mark Milke and Lennie Kaplan

Trudeau Liberals want most MPs kept from Parliament upon 'reopening'

Trudeau's government wants just a limited number of the 338 MPs to return to Ottawa, with the majority taking part online, potentially via their cellphones.

Simon Marks

BREAKING: Trudeau dodges question on whether he takes responsibility for WE Charity closure

Trudeau emphasized his regret for not recusing himself from the start, due to the "perception involved."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz