Kanye West

Kanye West set to appear on the Joe Rogan Podcast on Friday

The rapper hinted that his appearance will be featured on a fully customized set by the rapper.

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BREAKING: Kanye tweets out support for Candace Owens’ book ‘Blackout’

Last-minute presidential candidate and artist Kanye West tweeted in support of black Republican pundit Candace Owens' new book, Blackout.

Mia Cathell

Democrats fear a Kanye presidential run because they believe black voters are easily manipulated

As should be completely unnecessary to say, black Americans are not an intellectual collective a political party can simply manipulate at will.

Chad Felix Greene

Dave Chappelle shows unconditional support for Kanye

Dave Chappelle makes no bones about it: he is a friend, fan and supporter of Kanye West through and through.

James Anthony

Kanye West on his plans for the presidency

"When I’m president, let’s also have some fun. Let’s get past all the racism conversation, let’s empower people with 40 acres and a mule, let’s give some land, that’s the plan", West said.

Sam Edwards

Kanye West announces his 2020 presidential candidacy, again

American rapper Kanye West declared his candidacy for U.S. president in the 2020 race.

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Atheist group protests Kanye West’s prison proselytizing

Kanye West visited a Texas prison. Then the sheriff, Kanye, and the prisoners were admonished by anti-faith group The Freedom from Religion Foundation.

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Kanye West says parents need to ‘protect kids from the indoctrination of the media’

Musician and fashion designer Kanye West spoke to the crowd at pastor and televangelist Joel Olsteen’s megachurch in Houston.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Kanye West makes Christianity great again with Jesus Is King

International superstar Kanye West released his ninth studio album Jesus Is King Friday, in one of the more interesting career moves the always provocative artist has made since coming out as a Trump supporter last year.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz