Kate Brown

Portland officials respond to deadly shooting of Trump supporter, blame Trump

Portland and Multnomah County leadership responded in a press conference yesterday to the fatal Portland shooting of a Trump supporter on Saturday night.

Mia Cathell

Oregon governor calls for Portland violence to end after months of Antifa terror

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said it's time to hold rioters and looters accountable for the widespread crime in Portland following almost three unchecked months of civil unrest.

Mia Cathell

Oregon Governor declares that federal agents are leaving Portland, gets quickly corrected by DHS and President Trump

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced that by Thursday, federal officers will be removed from Portland but President Trump and the DHS have said otherwise.

Sam Edwards

Popular Antifa COVID-19 Portland fundraiser accused of being a scam

Questions about financial misconduct have arisen over a viral Antifa crowdfunding campaign that raised over $100,000 on the promise of supporting Portlanders in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Andy Ngo