Kathleen Wynne

Amanda Simard crosses floor to join Ontario Liberal Party

Former Conservative Party MPP for the riding of Glengarry—Prescott—Russell Amanda Simard has announced that she will be joining the Ontario Liberal Party in a press conference today.

Nico Johnson

Kathleen Wynne declares that Trudeau’s international reputation is tarnished

Wynne’s comments will come as a blow to Trudeau, who is attempting to stop further Liberal dissatisfaction arriving from the surfaced blackface photos.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Former Ontario Liberal minister sides with China on Hong Kong protests

A former minister and MPP for the Ontario Liberals has been quoted as siding with Beijing in the ongoing violent protests plaguing Hong Kong.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

Wynne aides revealed to have received nearly half a million in enhanced severance packages after losing

In total, Bevan received $247,756 and Rowe received $204,497, before deductions, or the equivalent of eight months of their previous salaries in lump-sum payments.

Dylan Gibbons

Ford's sex-ed curriculum brings in Exemption policy and leaves repealed Liberal policy "largely unchanged"

The conservative government’s sex-ed program closely mirrors similar alterations executed by their Liberal predecessors.

Joseph Fang

Will Doug Ford be Andrew Scheer’s Kathleen Wynne?

Something similar happened to Justin Trudeau’s likability because of Kathleen Wynne’s policy decisions. For Ford it is likely his handling of student loans and grants; for Wynne it was her highly controversial carbon tax crusade.

Dylan Gibbons