Kentucky AG to release Grand Jury tapes in Breonna Taylor case

"We have no concerns with grand jurors sharing their thoughts on our presentation because we are confident in the case we presented," a spokeswoman for the attorney general said.

Collin Jones

CNN contributor calls Kentucky AG 'Uncle Tom' and 'step & fetch negro'

CNN pundit Sophia Nelson called Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron an "Uncle Tom" after the investigations into Breonna Taylor's death revealed that the responding officers did in fact make their presence known.

Mia Cathell

Police knocked first before Breonna Taylor shooting incident: Kentucky AG

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron spoke to press on Wednesday, releasing the findings of two independent investigations into Breonna Taylor's death, one of which was conducted by the FBI.

James Anthony

WATCH: Anarchists unpack U-Haul truck filled with riot gear in Louisville after Breonna Taylor verdict

Antifa and BLM protestors could be seen unloading shields, riot gear and signs from the back of a U-Haul. Many were dressed all in black bloc as they clamored around to get the gear.

Libby Emmons

BREAKING: Family of Breonna Taylor reaches agreement with Louisville

A settlement between the family of Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police gunfire on March 13, and the city of Louisville, Ken., has been reached, according to the family's attorney.

Libby Emmons

Kentucky church has 'Unborn Lives Matter' sign defaced by BLM vandals

Pastor Berwin Hall of Bronston, Kentucky's First Baptist Church says the sign was found vandalized Monday morning. (Photo: Facebook)

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Kentucky man pleads guilty to child trafficking charges after attempting to sell four-year-old at gas station

A Kentucky man pleaded guilty on Monday to child human trafficking charges and will serve one year after he allegedly attempted to sell a 4-year-old child for $2,500 at a Speedy Mart gas station.

Mia Cathell

BLM activists' 'extortion' attempt of local restaurants backfires as Cuban owners fight back

In Louisville, KY, a Cuban restauranteur reported that his business was targeted by BLM with "mafia tactics" and threats as a tool of intimidation.

Libby Emmons

Someone in Kentucky shot 20 horses dead, murdering them in cold blood

A total of 20 horses were found shot dead in Floyd County, Kentucky. Those responsible remain at large.

Siddak Ahuja