Left-wing Activist

Woke Twitter users argue that "2+2=5" with no hint of irony at all

The debate over double-speak has heated up to the point where leftists have actually been posting "2+2=5" without any hint of irony at all.

Libby Emmons

The armed insurrection the media was warning about is here—but it's from the left

The public was warned by the media that Trump supporters might stage a coup. Instead it is the militants on the left that have taken up arms against the public and its government officers.

Libby Emmons

Activists call for city of Kitchener to change its name due to racist history

The debate on changing the name of Kitchener is being revisited after a post by a Facebook user who says that many people are unaware of the name’s history.

Sam Edwards

Ex-Ontario Green Party candidate attacks white males, police, and Canada

The Green Party candidate in the 2018 provincial election in Ottawa Centre has made some eyebrow raising comments on social media.

Nico Johnson

Man who threatened San Francisco GOP chairman identified as school social worker

A protestor recorded threatening to harm the San Francisco GOP chairman in a viral video has been identified as a local hip-hop DJ and social worker.

Andy Ngo