9/11 was both national tragedy and the beginning of a dangerous trend of self-hate for liberal Americans

American values, customs, perspectives, history, art, governance, and attitudes were all called into question as those on the left declared us unworthy of considering ourselves the greatest nation on earth.

Libby Emmons

Democrats are so far left as to be unrecognizable as the party they once were

It is vital that the Democratic Caucus regain a handle on their members. The United States cannot sustain a farther lurch and radicalization of certain elements of the left.

Alexander Jackson Maier

Woke Twitter users argue that "2+2=5" with no hint of irony at all

The debate over double-speak has heated up to the point where leftists have actually been posting "2+2=5" without any hint of irony at all.

Libby Emmons

The demise of The New York Times and the decline of truth

Weiss and her contribution will be forgotten and she will be replaced by someone who doesn’t question and who knows better than to have an independent thought.

Libby Emmons

How virtue-signaling orthodoxy and the latest inquisition have taken over discourse

Our current political challenge is not to see that racism persists constantly at all levels of cultural and political life, but to admit that it doesn’t.

Julian Vigo

Conservatives must be vocal in opposing racism—but not with the language of the left

While we all oppose racism, the left has successfully framed the discussion to exclusively discuss racism within the white population.

Chad Felix Greene

University indoctrination factories may finally be on the chopping block

Harvard announced that though they would only be facilitating school virtually, their tuition would remain the same hefty price. Other schools are sure to follow.

Nicole Russell

Protesters demand the take-down of Gandhi statue—charge him with racism

Leftist activists in Britain are demanding the removal of a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Leicester.

Collin Jones

Leftist authoritarianism blossoms under coronavirus restrictions

In an era of a global pandemic we have been seeing the push for authoritarianism from the part of the political spectrum which had previously decried it: the left.

Julian Vigo

Leftist ideology has left young men searching for meaning in destruction

Young people are ignorant of any historical context. And a lack of purpose eventually erodes work ethic, personal responsibility, and morphs into lawlessness.

Nicole Russell

Manic leftists outraged by Kenney's anti-human trafficking appointment

Kenney was heavily criticized today after he appointed Paul Brandt to the government's anti-trafficking task force.

Nico Johnson

Radical blogs are instructing activists on how to sabotage Canada’s train tracks

Left-wing blogs have been offering instructions and maps during the #ShutDownCanada protests on how to blockade and damage train tracks and other pieces of Canada’s infrastructure.

Nico Johnson

Twitter censors anti-establishment views

Twitter censors anyone that challenges the status quo from either side of the political spectrum.

Siddak Ahuja

Louis C.K. wasn’t sorry enough for the woke kids, but it doesn’t matter anymore

C.K., the comedic legend who was seemingly banished from society for his “Me Too” was greeted with roaring applause from the Toronto crowd.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Antifa’s granny-bullying is another hit to the group’s crumbling public facade

By now, several million people have seen the video of Antifa bullying an elderly woman crossing the road with a walker outside of a Maxime Bernier and Dave Rubin event in Hamilton.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa