Mayor of Amaranth, Ontario refuses to fly LGBT flag, petition launched for his resignation

The mayor of Amaranth, Ontario, has refused to fly a pride flag which has led to a petition being launched to have him resign, according to Metro Weekly.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Calvin Klein features its first 'transqueer lesbian' model for Pride Month

For Pride Month, the American fashion brand Calvin Klein put out a nine-part video series featuring what they called "rising stars" in the LGBTQ community, including Jari Jones—a self-described "transqueer lesbian."

Collin Jones Collin Jones

Elton John 'cancelled' for misgendering Sam Smith during coronavirus benefit concert

Elton John is guilty of misgendering singer Sam Smith while hosting iHeartRadio's "Living Room for America Concert for America. Fans took to Twitter to recount their displeasure.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

EXCLUSIVE: Islamic speaker who defended pedophilia and slammed Christians invited to speak at York University

A homophobic Islamic speaker who has defended pedophilia and called Christians criminals will speak at the York University Muslim Student association.

Nico Johnson and Roberto Wakerell-Cruz Nico Johnson and Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

WATCH: Toronto pizza guy calls customer gay slur, refuses service

Ontario pizza chain Gino’s Pizza has been embroiled in a scandal with the LGBTQ community after a customer was referred to as a faggot by a Gino’s employee.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

New funding from the Government of Canada announced to help LGBTQ+ community quit smoking

U of T has teamed up with the Canadian Cancer Society and Egale Canada. They are all working with LGBTQ+ community members to reduce smoking.

Sam Edwards Sam Edwards

Conservative leadership hopeful, Marilyn Gladu, supports abortion and LGBT rights

Conservative MP, Marilyn Gladu, was able to clearly and succinctly respond to questions posed on where she stands on social issues.

Nico Johnson Nico Johnson

B.C. court allows transgender child to make own medical decisions

The B.C. Court of Appeal has delivered a verdict today regarding the right of a child to receive treatment for gender dysphoria without parental consent.

Diana Davison Diana Davison

WATCH: Disturbing allegations emerge about viral GameStop trans activist

Allegations have surfaced regarding Tiffany Michell Moore, who rose to infamy and internet memehood after her shocking public freakout in GameStop.

Blaire White Blaire White

Jessica Yaniv sues more women salon owners for wax job refusal

The She Point Beauty Salon, owned and operated by Sikh women has become the newest target for Jessica Yaniv’s litigation after declining her a leg wax.

Anna Slatz Anna Slatz

Social media history of Julie Berman’s alleged killer paints a complicated picture

While Berman’s murder has been posited by activists and politicians as a transphobic hate crime, Harnack’s social media posts complicate that narrative.

Diana Davison Diana Davison

Ottawa asked Canadians if they are ‘comfortable’ with LGBTQ people

Over 91.8 percent of Canadians said they were “comfortable” if their next-door neighbour were to be lesbian, gay, or bisexual in the government poll.

Siddak Ahuja Siddak Ahuja

American man sentenced to 15 years in prison for burning LGBTQ flag

An Iowa man has been sentenced to 15 years for setting an LGBTQ flag on fire.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Ontario school board provided sex work and extreme sex act resources to students

With just a few clicks from the school board website, students could access resources about anal sex, fisting, sex work and other things.

Pamela Buffone Pamela Buffone

Edmonton’s proposed ban on ‘conversion therapy’ violates privacy and choice of adults

Edmonton’s City Council’s proposed Bylaw 19061 would be an invasion into people’s privacy.

John Carpay John Carpay