Liberal Party Of Canada

Liberal party insider facing child pornography charges

Gerry Hawes, a long-time local Liberal Party insider who ran in Simcoe North for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's team in the last election, is now facing charges of child pornography.

Collin Jones

Ineligible CERB recipients have already repaid $190,000 to the Canadian Revenue Agency

The Canada Revenue Agency confirmed that as much as $190,000 worth of CERB money has been repaid by Canadians who were not eligible for it.

Quinn Patrick

Liberal MP wants universal basic income in spite of Canada's tattered economy

A Liberal MP has suggested that Canada's temporary pandemic relief programs should be converted into a permanent universal basic income.

Nico Johnson

Why won't the Trudeau Liberals answer Poilievre's questions?

These politicians are either unwilling or unable to provide the public with crucial information.

Nico Johnson

Even anti-gun activists say Trudeau's gun ban will fail

Even a leading anti-gun advocacy group is unhappy with Justin Trudeau's gun ban after it was discovered that it has been made easily reversible.

Nico Johnson

Trudeau government hints at dropping immigration over unemployment

Trudeau's immigration minister has suggested that Canada's immigration rates may be slashed for the first time in a decade.

Nico Johnson

Trudeau's second home undergoing $8.6 MILLION tax-funded renovation

Justin Trudeau's second home Harrington Lake where he spends summers with his family is undergoing $8.6 million in taxpayer-funded renovations.

Nico Johnson

Building permits crash, sparking fears of depression

The value of building permits declined some 23 percent last month, which echoes the collapse of the Great Depression.

Nico Johnson

Former Liberal MP Jane Philpott calls out Trudeau for coronavirus secrecy

Former Markham-Stouffville MP and Liberal cabinet member Jane Philpott called for honesty and transparency from the Trudeau government Friday morning.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trudeau government refuses to give info on medical equipment shortages

Opposition MPs have told parliment's health committee that they can't get answers over Canada's medical equipment shortage.

Nico Johnson

Trudeau considers making $2,000 coronavirus allowance tax free

Trudeau's government is considering making the $2,000 allowance granted to all Canadians who are struggling as a result of coronavirus entirely non taxable

Nico Johnson

Liberal MP tests positive for coronavirus after working as nurse

A Liberal Member of Parliment has tested positive for coronavirus, making her the first member of the House of Commons to contract the virus.

Nico Johnson

MP claims his colleagues did not read legislation that granted Trudeau extraordinary power

Long-standing Conservative MP Scott Reid has said other MPs voted to grant Justin Trudeau's government sweeping power without ever reading the legislation

Nico Johnson

Trudeau announces emergency loans for residents stuck abroad, closes down Parks Canada

Justin Trudeau has rolled out a series of new policies which intended to both help Canadians and fight the spread of coronavirus.

Nico Johnson

Trudeau minister says being tough on crime is 'stupid' after questioned over light sentence for pedophile

The Trudeau government’s Minister of Justice David Lametti has said today in the House of Commons that Harper’s tough on crime approach was “actually quite stupid on crime.”

Nico Johnson