Liberal Party of Canada

Disgraced former Trudeau Finance Minister was chauffeured around Toronto, Ottawa during peak lockdown

Morneau charged $202.80 on July 22nd, the same day he was testifying on the WE scandal, completely remotely via Zoom.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Sickness benefit will give $1,000 for Canadians to miss work even if they don't have COVID-19

The change comes after Liberal Party negotiations with New Democrat Leader Jagmeet Singh, who called the expansion "vital."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

WATCH: Trudeau cabinet minister ate dog meat, attended illegal cockfight in Indonesia

Unearthed video shows Minister Catherine McKenna eating dog and bribing her way into an illegal cockfight on the Indonesian island of Flores in 1995.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

40 percent of Canadians want Trudeau immigration rates cut

Over 40 percent of Canadians have said that immigration rates should be cut, according to research performed by the Department of Immigration.

Nico Johnson

WE Charity paid Trudeau's brother $67,000 in just six months

The WE organization paid Justin Trudeau's brother nearly $70 thousand in a span of a few short months.

Nico Johnson

BREAKING: Former Governor of the Bank of England set to advise Trudeau

The former governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, is reportedly set to advise Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on economic matters.

Nico Johnson

Fresh off the WE corruption scandal, Justin Trudeau takes a personal day

Despite the historic occasion, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has chosen to take a personal day.

Nico Johnson

Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau hit in the polls over WE scandal

The Liberal's significant lead in the polls is beginning to descend over the ongoing WE scandal that has rocked the government over the last two weeks.

Nico Johnson

WE organization given three-day notice for Trudeau grant, faced no competition

The WE organization was given a three day notice on when they had to apply for the $900 million government grant.

Nico Johnson

Trudeau Minister may be forced to disclose damaging Covid documents

The Commons Health Committee will vote on whether to force a Minister to disclose government documents.

Nico Johnson

Liberal party insider facing child pornography charges

Gerry Hawes, a long-time local Liberal Party insider who ran in Simcoe North for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's team in the last election, is now facing charges of child pornography.

Collin Jones

Ineligible CERB recipients have already repaid $190,000 to the Canadian Revenue Agency

The Canada Revenue Agency confirmed that as much as $190,000 worth of CERB money has been repaid by Canadians who were not eligible for it.

Quinn Patrick

Liberal MP wants universal basic income in spite of Canada's tattered economy

A Liberal MP has suggested that Canada's temporary pandemic relief programs should be converted into a permanent universal basic income.

Nico Johnson

Why won't the Trudeau Liberals answer Poilievre's questions?

These politicians are either unwilling or unable to provide the public with crucial information.

Nico Johnson

Even anti-gun activists say Trudeau's gun ban will fail

Even a leading anti-gun advocacy group is unhappy with Justin Trudeau's gun ban after it was discovered that it has been made easily reversible.

Nico Johnson