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WATCH: O'Toole criticizes Liberals for 'entitlement and arrogance' and nearly sparking election

Erin O'Toole addressed media today, criticizing the Liberals' "entitlement and arrogance" for nearly triggering an election "rather than just answering a few questions."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BREAKING: NDP intend to vote with Liberals in confidence vote—there will be no election

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has announced his party intends to vote against the Conservative motion.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trudeau Liberals threaten pandemic election as opposition moves to vote on anticorruption committee

The Bloc Quebecois has already announced that they will vote in favour of establishing an anticorruption committee, while NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is yet to make a final decision on the matter.

Noah David Alter

BREAKING: Trudeau's press secretary charged by ethics commissioner

Prime Minister Trudeau's press secretary has been charged by the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner.

The Post Millennial

FAILURE: 'Termination benefits' for Trudeau Liberal Infrastructure Bank total MILLIONS

MPs say the termination benefits should "raise eyebrows," as the Bank has paid more in termination benefits than it did in salaries.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BREAKING: Liberal chair abruptly ends zoom meeting, halting Finance Committee motion on the WE scandal

The motion could not be put forth in the end due to Easter muting everyone and ending the meeting.

The Post Millennial

Trudeau Liberals spend $213,000 taxpayer dollars to defend defamation of veteran

O'Regan wrote that the long-time veteran's rights advocate was "stating mistruths about Pension for Life," a program which helps injured Canadian veterans, and that he was "doing so to suit [his] own agenda."

Noah David Alter

BREAKING: Liberal Minister Catherine McKenna refuses to apologize for past animal cruelty tourism and attending young bride auction

Despite animal rights activists and women's rights activists asking for an apology, McKenna seemingly ignored their pleas until Monday when she broke her silence.

The Post Millennial

WATCH: Trudeau cabinet minister attended arranged marriage where young woman auctioned to highest bidder

On Wednesday, The Post Millennial discovered new footage from the same trip, but this time McKenna is seen attending an arranged marriage, and feasting on the same Buffalo that was used to purchase the bride.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trudeau Finance Minister tells Senate predicting deficit is 'not prudent'

The deficit is projected to smash the previous record deficit set in 2010, which was set at $55.6 billion.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Disgraced former Trudeau Finance Minister was chauffeured around Toronto, Ottawa during peak lockdown

Morneau charged $202.80 on July 22nd, the same day he was testifying on the WE scandal, completely remotely via Zoom.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

WATCH: Trudeau cabinet minister ate dog meat, attended illegal cockfight in Indonesia

Unearthed video shows Minister Catherine McKenna eating dog and bribing her way into an illegal cockfight on the Indonesian island of Flores in 1995.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trudeau Liberals pledge $1 BILLION to buy hotels and motels in fight against homelessness

This pledge is announced just two days away from the Throne Speech, where Liberals are expected to make major fiscal commitments.

Angelo Isidorou

Beware the poison pills in Trudeau's upcoming throne speech

"If Justin Trudeau had been an honest and reasonable politician, this kind of distrust wouldn’t be necessary. If he had kept his word and kept his promises, then he would get the benefit of the doubt."

Spencer Fernando

BREAKING: Trudeau calls for byelections in Toronto Centre, York Centre ridings

According to Canadian polling site 338Canada, York Centre is considered to be "Leaning LPC," while Toronto Centre is considered a Liberal safe seat.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz